Chapter 4: she Had Been Schemed Against by Idiots in Her Past Life

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After pressing her lips against his, Lu Man decided that she might as well go further and hence started having a deep French kiss with this male god.

Finally, when their lips separated, her heart was beating loudly, and her face was flushed red.

Lowering her eyelashes, she peered at Han Zhouli through them and saw that his eyes had darkened as well.

Lu Man could not control herself anymore and licked Han Zhuoli's lips again.

As Han Zhuoli's eyes narrowed, she could see that his eyes had a dangerous glint.

His hand that were originally resting by his sides suddenly grabbed onto the back of her waist.

As soon as he touched her, he could ascertain that she was indeed naked under the towel and it was not just for show.

What exactly did this woman want to do?

However, Han Zhuoli did not have any more time to probe further as there was an angry yell from outside the doorway, "Lu Man!"

Lu Man turned around wanting to let go of Han Zhuoli, but to her surprise, he did not want to let her go.

His palm was still pressed on the back of her waist. She had not realized it just now, but she now felt that her waist was very hot, as if having been branded with a piece of iron.

Raising her head, Lu Man met He Zhengbai's angry gaze. "Lu Man, what is the meaning of this? Why are you here?"

Keeping her chin up, Lu Man sneered. "Are you still unable to understand why I am here?"

By now, He Zhengbai could comprehend why she was here.

Both of them, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were clad only in a towel. What else could they have been doing?

"You betrayed me!" He Zhengbai angrily pointed at Lu Man, "How long have you been cheating on me?"

Lu Man smiled lightly, "Not any longer than you have been cheating on me with Lu Qi."

At that moment, the hotel manager and staff both looked bewilderedly towards Lu Qi.

Lu Qi was currently a popular starlet, whose every move was watched by the media, much less to tell her relationships.

So what Lu Man was claiming, was that Lu Qi was together with He Zhengbai!

"What rumours are you spreading!" He Zhengbai's expression changed.

Even Lu Qi's face tensed up. She did not mind letting everyone know about her relationship with He Zhengbai, but this was not the right time.

If people found out right now, she would be known as the third party.

"I'm lying?" Seeing that Han Zhuoli still refused to let go, she decided that she might as well lean into his embrace, and clutched onto his shoulders with a devastatingly beautiful face and a seductive charm.

Anyway, she had the opportunity of taking advantage of this male god and thus felt that she was not at a loss.

"At present, my dear younger sister is wearing a necklace you gave to her as a show of your love. On the back of the pendant, your names and the day you both got together are engraved, How about you remove and check it?" Lu Man suggested.

Now that she thought back, she had been too foolish in her past life.

There had been so much evidence on both of them, yet like a blind person, she could not see the evidence in front of her.

Now that she had seen and understood everything, she finally knew how foolish He Zhengbai had been, leaving such obvious evidence for her to use against him.

But somehow in her past life, this idiot had been successful at scheming against her. She really had a wrongful death.

Seeing the guilty and flustered look in He Zhengbai's eyes, Lu Man's chest tightened with anger.

She and He Zhengbai were childhood sweethearts, otherwise given her position in her family and how her father only had eyes for her step-sister, she really could not have gotten together with He Zhengbai.

But Madam He was close friends with Lu Man's mother, and their relationship was very good. Hence, when Lu Man was young, Madam He often brought He Zhengbai for play-dates at the Lu family house.

Eventually, after interacting for quite a while, their friendship blossomed into love.

Even when Lu Qiyuan had an affair with Lu Qi's mother, Xia Qingyang, and then divorced Lu Man's mother, He Zhengbai did not leave her. Instead pitying her, he treated her even better.

And it was precisely because of her living in her memories, remembering how well he treated her, she never envisaged his betrayal.

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