Chapter 162: You Must Be Doing This on Purpose, Making Me Like You More

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"But what if I still feel that I don't get to see you enough?" Han Zhuoli lifted her up, pressing her against the door so that he need not bend down to be able to kiss her.

His lips caressed her soft ones gently, exploring the insides of her mouth and leaving his taste on her lips.

Lu Man laughed uncontrollably. His love for her was written all over his handsome face, completely unconcealed from the world.

Lu Man felt that a talented and handsome man like Han Zhouli was meant to stand on a much higher pedestal than others right from his birth; he was a godly existence, making others look up to him.

Thinking about her past life, for her, he was an elusive existence that she could only dream of but never have.

Yet, somehow in this lifetime, Han Zhouli, a respectable, unreachable and powerful man, was in love with her and treating her extremely well.

The love and adoration in his eyes could not be faked.

Lu Man moved her hands away from his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer instead of running away. Then for the first time ever, Lu Man initiated the kiss.

Han Zhuoli froze for a moment, dumbstruck. His heart swelled with extreme happiness. Hurriedly, he took control of the kiss once again.

Lu Man was so absorbed into his kiss that she did not even realize when Han Zhouli had carried her away from the door. The next moment, he had pressed her down onto the sofa.

Han Zhuoli trailed kisses all the way from her lips to her ear lobes. As if he had just discovered something new, he kept nibbling on her earlobe relentlessly, never letting go and playing with it in all sort of ways.

After quite some time, he reluctantly moved his attention to her thin and delicate neck.

In a daze, Lu Man felt that her collar started feeling more chilly.

Her heart froze. What was he thinking of doing there?

Just as she was about to push him away, Han Zhuoli suddenly stopped moving and buried his face in the crook of her neck.

His heavy breaths spread all over Lu Man's neck.

After a few minutes, she felt Han Zhuoli's breath gradually slow down. Suddenly, his arm moved downwards and wrapped around her waist, bringing Lu Man into his tight embrace.

Lu Man instantly felt his throbbing hard-on.

"I almost couldn't hold back," Han Zhuoli spoke as his thin and hot lips rubbed against the skin at the side of her neck, causing Lu Man to itch incredibly. "Even if I were to die on top of you, it wouldn't be strange."

Lu Man entire body flushed red and hot. In her shoes, her toes curled unknowingly.

After quite some while, Han Zhuoli pulled her up.

Lu Man looked at his face all scrunched up. He was having a very hard time holding it in. Feeling bad for him, she asked, "Are you alright?"

Han Zhuoli took in a deep breath. "You'll help me if I'm not alright?"

"Haha," Lu Man laughed a little dryly and pointed towards the washroom. "Didn't you go in there to deal with it the previous time?"

Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows cockily, "I already have a girlfriend. Why do I still have to use my hand to do it?"

Lu Man: "..."

He was not wrong.

Han Zhuoli breathed out deeply. "I'll just need to cool down a little."

However, with this girl right before his eyes and extremely close to him, tantalizing him, invoking the desire in him, it was extremely hard holding himself back.

Right then, Lu Man watched as Han Zhuoli raised his brows smugly, lifting his head and puffing out his chest, waiting for her to praise him. "Just now at the Public Relations Department, I did well, right?"

Only then did Lu Man realize that he had specially come down to the Public Relations Department just to stand up for her.

An indescribable warmth filled Lu Man's heart.

Be it her past or present life, no one had protected and cared for her so much.

The more Han Zhouli did that, the more she fell for him. Gradually, she could not get back this heart of hers even if she wanted to.

"You must be doing this on purpose, making me like you more and more, until I just can't control myself. You don't even let me hold my heart back." Tears welled up in Lu Man's eyes.

Her own biological father and her previous boyfriend had betrayed her in both of her lives.

Only this man before her, his every move and action were all for her good.

As long as it came to her, he was always very meticulous, thoughtful and extremely protective for the well being.

Just as she finished her words, she was lifted up and on Han Zhuoli's lap. "You just said it, that you like me a lot."

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