Chapter 12: But the Title Mrs He Was Also Stolen from Lu Man by Lu Qi

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Someone had said something just now that caused cause Lu Qiyuan to laugh loudly.

After he had stopped laughing, Lu Qiyuan looked at He Zhengbai, with a face full of emotion. "Zhengbai, I'm handing my daughter over to you. You must take good care of her. She has suffered so much already."

"Dad, don't worry. I will definitely treat her well," He Zhengbai said seriously.

Lu Man saw that both He Zhengbai and Lu Qi were wearing wedding rings on their ring fingers.

While she had been in jail, the two of them could not even wait a bit to get married.

"However there's something that you don't know. Only your mother-in-law and I, as well as Qiqi , know about it. But because of the one in jail, we had never told anyone else. It's been so many years already, and because of it, Qi Qi has been wronged but she has never been able to air her grievances," Lu Qiyuan sighed.

"Dad," Lu Qi's eyes were watery. "I don't have any grievances at all, you've always treated me well. I don't care about those superficial names."

"How can you not care? Even if you don't care about it, I care! My heart aches for you two!" Lu Qiyuan said, agitated, "Zhengbai, the truth is, Qi Qi isn't my step-daughter, she is actually my biological daughter, a true heiress of the Lu Family!"

Actually, He Zhengbai already knew about it long ago. at that time, before he had broken up with Lu Man, when he had gotten together with Lu Qi, Lu Qi had already told him.

This had also spurred him to pick Lu Qi and even help her to harm Lu Man.

Also since Lu Qi was more favored than Lu Man in the Lu Family, and after finding out that she was also Lu Qiyuan's biological daughter, so what other advantages did Lu Man have over Lu Qi?

That was why He Zhengbai did not hesitate in picking Lu Qi.

"It is me who has wronged both you and your mother. Even though you are my biological daughter, and you're in no way worse than your older sister, but you have always been thought of as my step-daughter. All these years, I have wanted to treat you better to make up for it, yet people have said that you are like a dog in the manger. However, you are certainly the heiress of the Lu Family, you have not snatched anyone's place nor have you let down anyone. It is I, who as your father could not even give you something so basic and has caused you and your mother to suffer all these years."

"Dad, don't worry, I will definitely treat Qiqi well. From now on, she is Mrs He legally, she's no longer stealing anyone's place," He Zhengbai said.

Was she not?

As the title 'Mrs He', which originally should have been hers, was also stolen from Lu Man by Lu Qi!

"Dad, it's nothing, I don't feel aggrieved. You already treat me very well. Whatever my older sister has, I have. What my older sister doesn't have, I also have. I know that you've already tried your best to treat me well," Lu Qi said, with tears welling up in her eyes.

"Qiyuan, don't blame yourself. If you want to blame anyone, blame me, I should not have..." Xia Qingyang choked, sobbing.

She was already so old, yet she was still acting like a whitelotus  . However, in Lu Man's eyes, it was simply disgusting.

Yet even after so many years, Lu Qiyuan always falls for it.

He could not bear to see her upset, and angrily said, "How could I blame you? It's all that Xia Qingwei's fault if it was not for her, we would not have–"

Suddenly there was a loud thump.

Even before Lu Qiyuan could finish what he was saying, he was cut off by an unknown object suddenly being hurled at him.

It was Lu Man, who had used her luggage to smash at him.

Even though she did not have a lot of luggage and it was just a small bag full of things yet when used to hit people, it still hurt quite a bit.

However, Lu Qiyuan had fast reflexes and had seen through his peripheral vision, something flying over. Even when he had not seen clearly what it was, and he could instinctively avoid it.

Thus the luggage just rubbed against Lu Qiyuan's face and then it hit Xia Qingyang's head.

Unlike Lu Qiyuan, Xia Qingyang was not that lucky and her previously elegant hairline was completely messed up by this hit, and even the powder on her face had rubbed off a bit onto the bag, wiping off a little color from half of her face.

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