Chapter 10: Young Master Han, Shouldn't You Let Go of Me First?

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Lu Man gritted her teeth and said, "Young Master Han, shouldn't you let go of me first?"

In her past life, she had often heard people say that Han Zhuoli had a noble and benevolent character. He had such a high status that no woman was ever able to get close to him.

Some people even felt that if a woman were to get close to him, it would be blasphemy.

Also in her previous lifetime, even at the time of her death, Han Zhuoli was unmarried. She had never even heard of him having a girlfriend.

Yet somehow, looking at this hooligan's actions, it seemed nothing like what she had heard in her past life.

"It's not like I'm grabbing your hand." Han Zhuoli had let go of her wrist a long time ago, but his hands were still pinching her waist.

Without giving Lu Man a chance to speak, Han Zhuoli looked at the phone screen and said, "'Lu Qiyuan', is that your father?"

She had actually saved her father's contact as his name, and not 'Father' or 'Dad'.

But Lu Man did not answer him, instead gritting her teeth she said, "Let go of me first."

Knowing that he had guessed correctly, Han Zhou said, "You can answer the call here."

Lu Man lowered her eyes, and let her phone continue ringing, not in a hurry at all, instead looking towards Han Zhuoli with a smile.

Han Zhuoli squinted. He was all too familiar with this smile. Just now she had given the same smile to He Zhengbai and Lu Qi.

Her smile was both seductive and enchanting, dazzling the onlookers.

Even though Han Zhuoli had prepared himself mentally, he could not help but be distracted by her smile for a moment.

This woman was a natural vixen!

Taking advantage of his distraction, she raised her leg and kicked him in the knee.

Earlier, when she had hurriedly changed her clothes in the bathroom, she had even removed her shoes to make everything seem more real.

Now as she stood barefoot, the dark colour of the carpet contrasted with her feet, making them seem even more fair and beautiful as if she had soaked them in milk.

Even though her kick had caused Han Zhouli's knee to bend a little, really hurting him for a while, he couldn't help but feel his heart flutter upon finding that the arch of her foot felt very soft and delicate.

Taking advantage of his loosened grip, Lu Man did not even dare to take her towel and directly ran into the bathroom.

As Han Zhuoli pressed on his kneecap in pain, he could not restrain himself from turning his head and letting his eyes follow her.

Even her back was captivating, with white and delicate skin that looked smooth, and looking downwards even more, it looked very firm, and Han Zhuoli could feel his hand getting restless as if ready to create trouble.

His waist also tightened as he started imagining having her legs tightly wrapped around his waist.

Instantly, he felt so hot that he felt like he was going to explode any second now.

Lu Man could still feel his burning gaze behind her, feeling totally uncomfortable she clumsily rushed into the bathroom to wear her clothes.

Despite that, her body still felt very heated up, and wherever on her body his hands had touched still felt ablaze as if his hands were still touching her.

Even when her cell phone had stopped ringing, being still affected from before, she could not bring herself to care about it.

She did not even want to bother with Lu Qiyuan anymore.

However, just after the phone had stopped ringing, it quickly started ringing again.

Looking at the screen, Lu Man read the name 'Lu Qiyuan' with an icy cold glare.

It was this man, her biological father, who chose to believe Lu Qi in her past life instead of believing her.

He wholeheartedly believed that she was the one who harmed others and felt that she was an embarrassment. Even after she had gone to the prison, he still did not visit her even once.

She specifically remembered that when she walked out of the prison doors after she having finished serving her eight-year sentence in prison, no one had been there to receive her. It was as if nobody knew that she was being released that day.

Yet she did not care, all she cared about was her sickly mother. She did not even go back to the Lu family house and instead went straight to her mother's house, but all she was met with was an empty house.

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