Chapter 11: What Right Do They Have to Bully People Like That?

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The inside of the house was covered in dust and had not been cleaned in a long time.

While her mother's body was weak, she was someone who loved cleanliness and thus would never have let the house become that dirty.

Hence, Lu Man instantly went to knock on the neighbour's door.

The neighbour, Auntie Wu, on seeing her instantly asked, "Lu Man, you... you came out already?"

As soon as Lu Man heard what she said, she felt something was very wrong. She gave a start and asked, "What do you mean by 'came out'?"

"There's no need to hide it anymore. Everyone here knows. Just last year, your little sister, I think she was called Lu Qi." At first, Auntie Wu also did not know who Lu Qi was, but she had heard her daughter say that she was a famous star. At that time, Lu Qi was wearing sunglasses and a hat and had even used a mask, completely covering herself up.

It was only when Lu Man's mother had that incident that Lu Qi rushed to call the ambulance and in her frenzy had forgotten to cover herself up revealing her face.

So from their conversation, Auntie Wu learned that Lu Qi was Lu Man's younger sister.

"She came here to find your mother and told her that you had harmed someone and hence you had been sentenced to eight years in prison," Auntie Wu sighed. "Your mother's health was already not so good and she could not stand being provoked, thus she passed away very fast. I even heard that she had passed away on the way to the hospital."

"If not for that, all she needed to do was wait for one year and you would have been released already. After that, what was left that could not be gotten over? Before your mother had lost consciousness, she had told Lu Qi that it was impossible, that you had definitely been wrongly accused. However, she had not even managed to finish what she was saying before she fainted."

Auntie Wu sighed. "You... You..."

She originally wanted to tell her to restrain her grief and accept it, but after seeing that Lu Man's eyes were red with a murderous glint in them, she stopped herself, not being able to bring herself to tell her that.

How could Lu Man restrain her grief? How could she move on?

She had been in prison for so long, not knowing anything. She did not even have the chance to see her mother for the last time.

It could be said that her mother had been angered to her death.

Whether she had been angered by her or Lu Qi, or both at the same time, it was hard to determine.

However, Lu Man did not even look back as she rushed toward the Lu Family house.

Although her mother was sickly, but with the many years of recuperation, as long as she did not get too agitated, she would have been fine.

Lu Qi knew that yet still came to provoke her mother. Was framing Lu Man not enough that she still wanted her mother's death?

What right did they have to bully people like that?

Xia Qingyang had ruined her mother's marriage and her daughter was even crueler. Lu Qi had stolen Lu Man's boyfriend, made her to go to jail and now had even caused her mother's death. Lu Qi wanted to destroy everything she had!

But she had never done anything to Lu Qi, so why would Lu Qi treat her like that?

When she had entered the Lu family mansion, even the auntie in the house seemed like she had not thought Lu Man would ever be released from prison. Even though she did not voice out her thoughts, her facial expression clearly revealed what she was thinking, " Shouldn't you be in prison? How did you come out? "

"Eldest–" before she had even managed to say 'miss', her voice was drowned out by the laughter coming from the living room.

Lu Man was so angry that she was trembling.

Lu Qiyuan had been married to her mother for several years before their divorce and not even a year had gone by since her mother's death. Hence, although Lu Man did not expect Lu Qiyuan to be very upset, she still felt that he should not be like this, entirely disregarding her mother's death!

At that moment, it was as if all the hopes she had for Lu Qiyuan were crushed. Now, with her mother's death, there was nothing left.

"Eldest Miss," Auntie Chen awkwardly called.

Lu Man laughed coldly. She had returned to her own house, and it was causing the servants to feel troubled.

"Don't say anything," Lu Man coldly said, and went to the doorway of the living room and hid by the wall.

She saw that in the living room, Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang were sitting together, and seated opposite them were Lu Qi and He Zhengbai.

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