Chapter 76: Interview

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"I know, I don't care about it anymore from a long time." Lu Man helped Xia Qingwei to lie down. "Mom, I have an interview tomorrow morning at 9. I have to leave for a while, but I'll probably be back in about two hours. I'll come over around noon. If there's anything, you'd have to trouble Brother Zhou and Brother Xu."

"Go for the interview without any worry." Xia Qingwei was also very happy to know that Lu Man did not plan to be Lu Qi's assistant any longer. "There's nothing to worry about here either. Even if it's going to the toilet, I can walk slowly. Moreover, my wound is healing quite well and thus he stitches would be removed soon. These are all normal things that I can handle myself, you don't have to worry."


The next day, Lu Man followed the stipulated time and reported 15 minutes earlier at Han Corporation.

After asking where the public relations department was, she went over. However, there were still ten minutes left.

"Hello, I'm Lu Man. I have an interview at 9 a.m. today," Lu Man asked one of the public relations staff.

"Ok, please hold on." The staff called out at the only table in front of him "Xiao You, someone's here for an interview."

The person who was called was currently arranging some files. She walked over after hearing her name being called.

"Hello, I'm Lu Man. I have an interview at 9 a.m."

"Hello, I'm Manager Wu's assistant, You Lili." You Lili looked at the time. "Manager Wu has just arrived and is getting ready in the office. There's still 10 minutes until your interview, you can sit and wait for a while first."

You Lili brought Lu Man to a small meeting room separated by two transparent glass walls and told her to sit and wait there. "Did you bring your resume?"

"Yes." Lu Man passed her resume to her.

"Please wait here for a while first, I'll bring you into the manager's office soon." After speaking, You Lili took the resume and left.

Lu Man looked at the time. Just as two minutes remained for the interview, You Lili walked over and brought her over to the manager's office.

"Manager Wu, Miss Lu is here for the interview." You Lili stood at the door and after informing the Manager told Lu Man to enter.

Lu Man did not expect the manager of the public relations department to be very young. He seemed to be about 28 years old and not older than 30 years old.

He must be really talented to become the manager of the public relations department at such a young age. He was dressed in a suit, and it seemed like he was an elite.

Moreover, Manager Wu was not bad-looking either. Although he could not compare to Han Zhuoli's devilish good looks, he was already much more handsome than average.

However, after following Lu Qi around to film shows, Lu Man had seen many handsome celebrities and was thus rather immune to it.

Yet this immunity of hers was probably only ineffective against Han Zhuoli.

"Hello, Manager Wu, I'm Lu Man." Lu Man walked to Wu Lize's office table.

"Hello, please take a seat. I've already heard from Tang Zi about you. I've heard that regarding the incident on Lu Qi spreading online, it was you who had advised him?

"Not really, we had just discussed it briefly, that's all. Well, he also listens to my advice." Lu Man said, "Although I was just Lu Qi's assistant all these years, I've seen a lot in the entertainment industry. So I know how it works in here very well."

"Knowing something is one thing, but being able to think of all these ideas, that's nothing just anybody can do. You must have some talent in this area, and a keen eye and acuity for what's popular." Wu Lize smiled. "Although you were only Lu Qi's assistant before, you do have some pretty good experience regarding this. But, I'll still have to test you."

"Of course," Lu Man said calmly.

Wu Lize passed Lu Man a document, "This is what our public relations department has been focusing on recently. Take a look at this case, if you were handling it, what would you do?"

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