Chapter 143: My Girlfriend Has Too Much Work, Let Me Help

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As for the words she had said to provoke Dai Yiran, they were probably what she truly felt in her heart.

Now that Han Zhuoli had heard it; it was like fate.

It was as if fate had helped her make a choice.

Since it was like that, then why not just follow this path shown to her by fate.

Even if it was a forced choice, her heart seemed to be more inclined to it. Moreover, she felt really relieved and a lot more relaxed, even letting out a breath of relief.

As for Han Zhuoli's kiss, she no longer avoided it.

It was just that her mouth and her face had been kissed till they were a completely numb, hence Lu Man finally could not help but push him away. "I still have work to do."

Seeing that Lu Man did not try to distance herself from him Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrow, looking extremely happy.

He then put Lu Man down and took a look at the documents on the desk. "Why do you have so many? I wanted to ask you on the phone just now that why is it that the others have all left and you are the only one still here."

Lu Man twitched her mouth. "Didn't I just come? There's a lot of work I need to familiarize myself with."

She knew that Ye Xiaoxing was purposely making life difficult for her, trying to curry favor with Dai Yiran.

As for the other colleagues, no one came out to stop her and all choose to watch the show.

The first reason was that they did not want to be busybodies, and the second was because they really did not like her and thus were happy to watch her be bullied.

"You have so much work to familiarize yourself with, but Dai Yiran doesn't?" Han Zhuoli asked, not happy at all.

However, Lu Man did not care. "I know, you feel that they are purposely making life difficult for me, but I don't feel that way. Letting newcomers in a department familiarize themselves with this kind of work is not a new or useless thing. After sorting these out for a day, it can be said that I now have a better understanding of this job. Also, as for the past cases the Public Relations Department has dealt with before, there were some good cases, so I took note of it and I have been inspired by it. It would be a loss to not even take a look at these documents."

Listening to Lu Man, Han Zhuoli became more and more proud, his girlfriend was this outstanding.

She was still so young, and even though she was the youngest in the whole company, she was the most willing to improve and the most mature.

No matter what kind of problems or obstacles she met, she could still find hope in them and change it to become something that was beneficial to her.

There was so much approval and pride in his eyes that Lu Man was a bit embarrassed.

Actually, she had never felt that she was very outstanding.

In her past life, there had never been someone who looked at her with such approval, even in this lifetime, Han Zhuoli was the first one.

Han Zhuoli gaze made Lu Man feel that he saw her as an extremely outstanding and brilliant person.

Hence, Lu Man felt that Han Zhuoli was probably being affected by his private emotions.

Later on, Han Zhuoli took out his phone and ordered takeaway, then he called Zheng Tianming, "Go to my office and bring my laptop to the Public Relations Department."

After hanging up the call, he saw that Lu Man was looking at him, shock clear on her face.

"My girlfriend has too much work, let me help," Han Zhuoli smiled lightly and explained.

Lu Man criticized in her heart, if people found out that Han Zhuoli had stayed behind especially to work overtime to help finish these things with her, they would probably be so scared that they would not dare to give her so much work anymore.

Not long after, Zheng Tianming brought Han Zhuoli's laptop.

His gaze shifted between Han Zhuoli and Lu Man. "CEO."

After he passed the laptop to Han Zhuoli, he saw Han Zhuoli pull a chair over to sit next to Lu Man.

The good thing was that the office desk was wide and big enough for the two of them to sit together and use it.

Zheng Tianming's gaze then landed on the stack of documents on Lu Man's office desk. "These are—"

However, without needing to wait for Lu Man's explanation, Zheng Tianming managed to figure out by himself. "I'll talk to Wu Lize tomorrow."

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