Chapter 191: Why Are You Lying to Me!

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Such an intelligent little lady unexpectedly did not know how to react at this exact moment. Without uttering a single word, she finally buried her face in his shoulder, only breathing.

After a while, Lu Man finally poked him. "Alright then."

Han Zhuoli gritted his teeth. He sucked on her neck hard for a while and smack her butt right after. "Why are you so eager to chase me away?"

Lu Man kept quiet, her face blushing furiously. She honestly did not have any experience with love.

Even though He Zhengbai and her were childhood sweethearts, when could she have ever learned anything like that?

He Zhengbai was the first person of the opposite gender to appear in her life. Towards him, it was more like she was trying to find a place to survive and catch her breath from the suffocating life in the Lu family, and treated him somewhat like her salvation.

She knew him since young, so naturally, their relationship developed to that of lovers.

Yet they did not share that type of intimacy between lovers.

That was probably why she had always rejected any intimate contact with He Zhengbai. Subconsciously, she too knew that there was something missing between the two of them.

It was just that she had never dated before, so she did not know how to differentiate these feelings.

It was only after she got together with Han Zhuoli that she knew. She was strongly attracted by this man and every time he got close, her heart would start racing. In his arms, her whole body always felt scorching hot as if on flames, making her tremble. She finally understood what the feeling of being in love and only then did she realize that back when she was with He Zhengbai, that wasn't love at all.

In both of her lives, this was surprisingly the first time that she knew the taste of love.

Lu Man buried her face in his shoulder and shook her head. Then she swiftly lifted her head and pecked him on the cheek.

Seizing the opportunity when Han Zhuoli was caught off-guard and shocked, she nimbly leaped out of his lap. "Be careful while driving."

Han Zhuoli stared blankly as the little girl ran off briskly.

He stayed shocked and frozen for a very long while and finally lowered his head as his smile faltered.

He then lifted his hand to touch the spot on his cheek that she had just kissed. Until now, the sweet and soft feeling still lingered on it.


After leaving from Lu Man's place, Han Zhouli returned to the old mansion of the Han Family to visit the two elderly. He also wanted to spill his secret casually to his grandmother that, he, Han Zhouli, had finally found a girlfriend and was prepared to marry her anytime.

He parked the car in the yard of the old mansion. After alighting, he happily walked towards the entrance of the old mansion and pressed the doorbell.

After a while, he heard the voice of Housekeeper Wang of the old mansion greet him. "Eldest young master."

"Uncle Wang, Grandpa and Grandma are at home, right?" Han Zhuoli asked, grinning.

Old Mr. Han might not be within the political circle right now, but when he was younger, during the war period, he had donated quite a sum of money to the military and helped provide weapons and rations. Moreover, behind the scenes, he had also helped give advice.

While he might not have an official post, everyone back then knew this military advisor figure, Old Mr. Han. The senior authorities even assigned a police staff to him, which was the current Housekeeper Wang.

Eventually, Housekeeper Wang started respecting and admiring Old Mr. Han's wit and character to the extent that he decided to follow and serve him on his own and did not continue staying in the civil service.

As someone who had followed Old Mr. Han for tens of years, he had long since become a part of the Han Family. Nobody treated him as an outsider.

"The old master and old madam are not free right now, please come another day instead, Young Master," Housekeeper Wang lowered his voice.

Han Zhuoli's raised his eyebrows incredulously. "Housekeeper Wang, what's going on?"

"What's happening? Housekeeper Wang, I think I heard Zhuoli's voice," Han Dongping's voice could be heard through the intercom.

"No, you heard wrong." Housekeeper Wang blocked the screen, "It's a salesperson."

Han Zhuoli, "..."

"Don't try to fool me." Han Dongping pulled Housekeeper Wang away and pointed at the screen. "Isn't this Zhuoli? Why are you lying to me!"

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