Chapter 185: Since You Have This Ability, You Can Help Your Younger Sister Too

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"Mom, we've been together for only a few days. Tomorrow, he will come to fetch you when you are discharged from the hospital," Lu Man sat next to the bed and held Xia Qingwei's hand. "I never planned to hide it from you, I just thought that since he'll be here tomorrow, you would eventually get to know."

Xia Qingwei excitedly pulled out a pen and notebook from the bedside drawer. "Tomorrow I am going to make two of my best dishes for Xiao Han."

"Mom, it's already very late, you should go to sleep now," Lu Man tried taking the notebook away, but Xia Qingwei avoided her.

"Alright," Xia Qingwei said but still continued writing. "I'm just listing down the vegetables I need to buy tomorrow."

Thus, Lu Man could only let her be.


After Lu Man finished cleaning up, she laid on the bed next to Xia Qingwei's and looked through the comments posted online.

There were many comments on Du Lin's gentlemanly behavior at the banquet and as expected most of them were positive.

It seemed that most people did not dislike Du Lin reappearing in the public eye.

The effect that Du Lin's gentlemanly actions had was not bad, and hence Lu Man stopped worrying.

At least tonight's results would make Du Xiangdong and Du Lin trust her and follow her plans, their cooperation would make her plan more successful.

At this moment, Lu Man's phone rang.

She was scared that it would disturb Xia Qingwei, so Lu Man quickly answered the call without seeing the contact displayed on the screen.

Then she silently walked out of the room along with her phone.

"Yes?" Lu Man only spoke after she had closed the door to the hospital room.

"What are you saying yes for? Don't you know how to call me 'dad'?" Lu Qiyuan scolded unhappily.

Actually, no matter what Lu Man said, Lu Qiyuan would always find a reason to get angry at her.

Even if Lu Man did not say anything at all, Lu Qiyuan would still scold Lu Man, asking her whether she was a mute.

And if she were to call him 'dad', Lu Qiyuan would say that she was not worthy to call him 'dad' and that he did not have a shameless daughter like her.

Lu Man had already predicted all of Lu Qiyuan's possible reactions.

"It's so late in the night, if you don't have anything to say I'll just hang up," Lu Man was irritated.

Just as she was about to hang up, she heard Lu Qiyuan yell anxiously. "Wait!"

"Were you behind Du Lin's sudden popularity today?" Lu Qiyuan asked, there was a strong doubt in his voice, not believing that Lu Man really had such skills.

Lu Man felt that Lu Qiyuan suddenly asking her was definitely not a good thing. "What are you saying, I don't understand anything."

"Don't act dumb, tonight at the dinner banquet you were sitting with Du Lin because you are in charge of Du Lin's comeback plan," Lu Qiyuan said harshly.

Lu Man's face darkened, how did Lu Qiyuan know?

Although this was not hidden from others, they did not reveal it to anyone either.

"Didn't you say yourself that I was shameless just now, could it be that you now suddenly know why I was sitting with Du Lin?" Lu Man smiled sarcastically.

"Since it was to help Du Lin, why did you not say it earlier when I was asking you?" Lu Qiyuan felt that the reason he had this misunderstanding was because earlier at the banquet Lu Man had deliberately hidden this fact from him.

Lu Man smiled coldly, her earlier gut feeling was correct, she would never hear anything good from him.

After taking a deep breath, Lu Qiyuan said, "Since you have this ability you can help your younger sister too."

Standing in the corridor, Lu Man gazed at the dark night sky through the window. "I don't have any such ability. At that time when I applied for the job at Han Corporation, you were the one who said that I did not have any experience in this field and that I had not even graduated from a university, so I definitely could not do anything well. I'm a person who lacks skills and experience, so how can I help Lu Qi."

"You had no experience prior to this, but don't you have the experience of helping Du Lin now?" It was rare for Lu Qiyuan to not get angry at Lu Man, and unexpectedly his tone was soft, "You really handled Du Lin's quite well, even the reactions online are very good. With your experience, you can now help Qi Qi and right now Qi Qi just happens to need your help the most."

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