Chapter 63: It Was Lu Qi and Her Idea

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The more the thief thought about it, the more hatred he felt. She was right; it was all because of Xia Qingyang.

Yet, he had forgotten to record the evidence.

Nonetheless, he felt that it was unfair too. He might be a bad person but why should the evil mastermind be considered a good person?

Xia Qingyang was no better person than him! They were both bad people!

Suddenly, the thief looked up at Lu Man, hatred burning in his eyes. "Xia Qingyang is not a good person, but so are you. You went against your words. I'll never let you off! You better watch out!"

"Smack!" Xu Hui smacked the back of the thief's head. The thief immediately became very giddy and dizzy. "What are you staring for!"

At first, he had thought that Lu Man would let this bad person off so that she could prove that it was indeed Xia Qingyang.

However, now that Lu Man had called the police, Xu Hui did not think that Lu Man went against her words. In fact, he was even happier.

He expected nothing less of the lady, whom Mr Han liked. She knew very clearly what was right or wrong and could flexibly deal with matters too!

In a short moment, the police arrived.

Lu Man briefly described the situation to the police. The police saw the bruised and swollen face of the thief after being hit and pursed his lips together

"What's your name?" The police asked the thief.

"Liu Musen," the thief muttered softly and lowly.

Nonetheless, Lu Man still heard it clearly.

"You're called Liu Musen?" Upon hearing this name, Lu Man immediately looked at him.

"Yes. You've got a problem with that?" Liu Musen glared angrily at Lu Man, his eyes filled with hatred.

If she had not gone against her words, he wouldn't have to go to jail!

Lu Man was his enemy!

"What's this expression! Stop fooling around! Do you still think you're right after committing a crime!" Taking a look at him, the policeman's face turned sour. "Keep your head down."

Lu Man did not mind Liu Musen's antagonism towards her. But her mind was filled with his name.

That was because, in her past life, the one who had tainted Mi Qiansong's younger sister and had caused Mi Qiansong to go to jail because of revenge was Liu Musen's underling.

There were four people in total who had tainted Mi Qiansong's sister.

However, the other three were all nobodies. They were cowardly. If not for Liu Musen, they would not even have the guts to do it.

However, in her past life, Mi Qiansong had not shared much detail regarding it either. Thus she only knew that the person-in-charge was Liu Musen, but she did not know their age nor appearance.

However, she did not know whether that person was the Liu Musen present before her.

If it were him, in this life, he would be sent to jail earlier. Based on the timeline, when it would happen to Qiansong's sister, if nothing goes wrong, in this life, Liu Musen should still be in jail.

Lu Man let out a deep breath. She hoped that this Liu Musen was that person from her previous life.

Lu Man's gaze turned cold. If it were him, then she would have to send him to jail even more.

Going against her words?

When dealing with criminals, she never regretted.

"We'll take this person first. If there's anything, we will still contact you," the police said before leaving.

"No problem."


Meanwhile, Lu Qi was at her home, anxiously grabbing onto Xia Qingyang's elbow." Mom, has that thief contacted you yet? Based on the time he was supposed to do it, he should have done the job long ago."

"Not yet." Xia Qingyang was unsure too, her heart beating worriedly right now.

It was Lu Qi and her idea to get someone to steal the money Lu Man needed to save Xia Qingwei.

But they could not possibly do such a thing themselves.

Thankfully, Lu Qi had some connections within the entertainment industry and her manager managed to contact that thief through her connections.

However, this was the most that Lu Qi could do.

It was not that she could not find someone to help her contact the thief herself. In the entertainment industry as she knew how to contact a couple of underground crime bosses too.

However, could she have easily asked for a favour from someone like that?

It needed her to pay a price that she wasn't willing to.

As a budding starlet, there were too many people who wanted to sleep with her!

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