Chapter 157: I'll Give up the Spot to You Guys

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"That's right!" Ye Xiaoxing hastily agreed.


The next day, Lu Man came to the office. To her surprise, it was exceptionally lively in the office.

"I've heard that for this year's Nan Yin Charity Night, someone from the public relations department can join together with Manager Wu," Xia Mengxuan face was filled with envy.

"That's right. As quite a few of our company's celebrities have to attend it too, someone from the public relations department will have to follow along too in case any sudden mishap were to happen there. They can react to it immediately," Sister Li nodded. She had attended it before too.

"It was Brother Zhang two years ago, and it was Sister Li last year. Who knows who can go this year?" Hope was written all over Xia Mengxuan's face. It was obvious that she wanted to go.

She felt that she had a rather big chance.

As the more senior staff in the office had already gone, it was only her, Ye Xiaoxing and Chen Shimian who had not gone yet.

Moreover, Lu Man and Dai Yiran were both newly joined employees and were still in the probation period. For such a grand and important occasion, Manager Wu would definitely not take them along with him.

Chen Shimian smiled sarcastically. "It wouldn't be you either."

"Chen Shimian!" Xia Mengxuan said angrily. "Did I ever offend you? Why are you always picking on me!"

"Alright, both of you stand a chance. Even if it's not this year, you will still have another chance. We've all worked quite long for this. Is there a need to get angry over this?" Sister Li shook her head and held the two of them back.

Ye Xiaoxing was envious too. "Nan Yin Charity Night is always one of the biggest events in the entertainment industry. Every year, even if it's the top A-list celebrity, they will attend it no matter what. Be it how famous the celebrities are or the donations received, it will be big news every year. Sister Li, Brother Zhang, both of you have attended it before. How was it, experiencing it live there? How grand was it?"

Just as Sister Li was about to speak, Dai Yiran boasted, "It's just so-so. I'll go there every year. That top star Shao Yuqi is pretty nice, she's humble and well-mannered, and does not put on any airs, but she has an exceptionally grand presence. The current A-list celebrity Li Mulan was only just about to become an A-list celebrity last year, but back then he was considered nothing much. Oh right, and there was the now has-been Lu Qi too."

Dai Yiran paused, glanced at Lu Man and laughed sarcastically. "Every year, she would be there with her step-father Lu Qiyuan. Both of them were exceptionally snobbish. They didn't even spare a glance at anyone who couldn't compare to them, but they eagerly sucked up to anyone who was better than them. Watching them boot-licking others to such an extent every year was so annoying."

"Lu Qi? Isn't that Lu Man's younger sister?" Xia Mengxuan smiled.

"That's why, they are both family, who live under the same roof," Ye Xiaoxing mocked and tried to please Dai Yiran. "The place this year would definitely go to you."

"Even if it's given to me, I would refuse it. I've received the invitation long ago, there's no need for me to take up one of the company's spot. At that time, I'll give up the spot to you guys," Dai Yiran spoke as if they were picking up something she was throwing away.

As the matter did not concern Sister Li, Sister Li walked away but her expression was frozen and cold.

While the name-list had not been fixed, Dai Yiran was still rather confident as if it would definitely be her.

"Xiao Lu, you're here." As she walked past Lu Man's desk, Sister Li surprisingly greeted her. "The IT department just sent the computer over. Go and give it a try."

Since she had entered the public relations department, other than Chen Shimian and Wu Lize, no one else had ever spared her glance or spoken a word to her.

So Sister Li suddenly greeting her out of her own initiative made Lu Man freeze for a moment. After recovering from the pleasant shock, Lu Man smiled softly. "Alright, thanks, Sister Li."

Sister Li patted Lu Man on the shoulder.

At first, she did not have a good impression of Lu Man. Firstly, she did not know her well. Secondly, it was all because Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi had come to the public relations department and caused a scene, causing her to think that Lu Man wasn't a good person either.

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