Chapter 183: Why Did You Change Your Way Of Calling Her To Mom Suddenly?

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Taking advantage of that moment, Lu Man quickly took a few photos.

She then sent the photos to influential individuals with self-managed social media accounts and had them post those photographs right away.

At the same time, the fight for the C position also started trending, but there was nothing new about it as it would happen every year.

While Du Lin's gentlemanly actions were like a breath of fresh air and trended higher.

Earlier Du Lin's shareholder uncle had felt that Du Lin's participation in the charity night would not have any good effect.

"Zhuoli ah, was tonight's news also Lu Man's doing?" Upon seeing the news, Du Lin's uncle Du Xiangdong directly called Han Zhuoli.

Originally, when Han Zhuoli had assigned Lu Man for Du Lin's comeback, Du Xiangdong was unsatisfied.

How could he let a newcomer with no prior experience in public relations be the in charge of Du Lin's comeback plan?

He even felt that Han Zhouli was not putting importance on Du Lin's comeback and was treating it casually by assigned a newcomer.

Yet upon seeing the online reactions tonight, Du Xiangdong admitted that Han Zhuoli's choice was right.

Everyone was praising Du Lin's gentlemanly actions.

Du Xiangdong did not think that this was a mere coincidence. After all, he had been in the entertainment circle for many years and was proficient in the methods of sensationalization.

For the news to spread so fast, there definitely had to be someone working behind the scenes.

Currently, Han Zhuoli was withstanding the pressure put on him by the shareholders for the successful execution of Du Lin's comeback plan as he had insisted on assigning it to Lu Man.

He had done that because he trusted his girl completely, she would definitely do it well.

Now upon listening to Du Xiangdong praise her, Han Zhuoli's chest surged up with pride, his girl was just outstanding.

Her actions would always prove her worth to those who doubted and did not believe in her.

Han Zhuoli's lips curved up proudly, "Of course, it was all Lu Man's ideas."

"Help me tell Xiao Man that she did well and also that now onwards she'll have to help out more with Du Lin's proposal," Du Xiangdong smiled and said, "She has done well, use my personal name to give her some rewards."

"Don't worry," Han Zhuoli hung up, telling Lu Man who was sitting at the side passenger seat, "That was Du Lin's uncle on the call, he praised you, saying you did well."

Lu Man had yet to meet Du Xiangdong, but being able to get acknowledged for her work was already very good.

Lu Man knew that Han Zhouli must have been under a lot of pressure upon assigning Du Lin's case to an inexperienced newcomer like her. He needed the plan to be executed successfully.

Even if it was not for herself, she could not disappoint Han Zhuoli.

The banquet ended around midnight and by the time Han Zhuoli and Lu Man reached the hospital it was already 12.40 am.

Since it was past midnight and Xia Qingwei would be asleep, Han Zhuoli decided not to visit her.

After walking Lu Man to the doorway of the hospital room, Han Zhuoli lowered his head and lightly pecked her lips a few times before separating, cause Lu Man to be taken by surprise.

This man was like a hungry wolf, every time he would want to eat up her mouth.

Just as Lu Man leaned forwards, Han Zhouli took a step back.

This caused Lu Man to be very awkward.

In the end, she saw Han Zhuoli size her up, looking at her so intensely and keenly as if he did not want to miss out on a single thing, "Tonight, I didn't get time to have a proper look at you, you are really looking gorgeous."

Lu Man felt giddy, shy, delighted and overwhelmed all at the same time when her extremely charming, handsome and sweet-talker boyfriend started flirting and saying romantic things unreservedly.

This was an all-new experience for Lu Man.

"I'll come tomorrow morning to fetch mom after she is discharged," Han Zhuoli voice became deeper and more hoarse as if he was purposely lowering it, and it was very clear in the half-empty hallway.

The low and magnetic voice seemed to penetrate every single pore on her body, and the fine hairs on her body stood up.

"Didn't you call her auntie before this?" Why did he suddenly start calling her 'mom'? Was it not a bit too early.

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