Chapter 86: Go and Speak With Han Zhuoli and Ask Him to Give Qi Qi a Role

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As a new employee, her salary at Han Media Company was already five times what she earned when she was working as Lu Qi's assistant.

It was evident exactly how low her pay was back then.

Yet, Lu Qiyuan still had the cheek to tell her to resign?

Lu Qiyuan was enraged, his blood rose to his face making his face turn purple. "With your qualifications, you actually think that you can get hired by Han Media Company? As a person who did not graduate from university nor has any relevant experience, how could you have gotten into Han Media Company by yourself? It must be Han Zhuoli who helped you."

Lu Man's face turned serious. "You don't treat me as your daughter and you have only cared about Lu Qi. All these years, I've already accepted this reality. Ha, yet you still have the cheek to look down at me for not graduating university? Do you not know why I couldn't graduate? Anyway, I've relied on my own ability to get into Han Media Company. Speaking of which, I still have to thank you after all. If you didn't keep forcing me until I was at my wit's end then I wouldn't have the need to retaliate back, I also wouldn't have blown up the matter on the internet. Moreover, Han Corporation happens to admire my ability to blow up a storm."

Lu Qiyuan gritted his teeth tightly and took a deep breath. "I don't care what relationship you have with Han Zhuoli. But since you know him, ask him to find a role for Qi Qi in one of the television shows Han Corporation produces. The first female lead would be best, but at least it has to be the second female lead. Moreover, her screen time can't be shorter than the first female lead."

Lu Man laughed out of anger. How did she never realize how childish and ridiculous Lu Qiyuan could be?

"Ha, with Lu Qi's current situation, she still wants to be the first female lead or a second lead who has equal screen time as the first lead? Who does she think she is?" Lu Man mocked insouciantly.

"If not for this incident, there would be a ton of shows for her to choose from. She would not have even cared about a second female lead role. If not, we wouldn't also let Han Corporation take advantage of her," Lu Qiyuan said.

Lu Man did not know from where Lu Qiyuan's pride towards Lu Qi came from. "Stop joking, even at Lu Qi's peak, she can't even appear in any of Han Media Company productions. However, now she wants only the first or second female lead roles?"

"Aren't you acquainted with Han Zhuoli? With Qi Qi's popularity, how could she not be picky?"

Lu Qiyuan was just too shameless. Lu Man bit back her tongue. "What popularity does she have now?"

"Even if her reputation isn't so good now, it's still considered as popularity. Ask around, is there anyone who doesn't know Qi Qi? Lu Man, I shan't talk about how you've hurt Qi Qi before. Both of you are my daughters, yet you keep saying that I'm biased. How am I biased? You keep hurting Qi Qi, but now I'm not even blaming you. As the older sister, when your younger sister is facing difficulties, what's wrong with you helping her out? Why do you keep doing things that make me disappointed in you!"

Ha, only when he was begging her for help, did he finally remember that Lu Man was his daughter too?

"Back then, didn't you force me to be her scapegoat? Lu Hanli clearly wasn't going to sue Lu Qi, but you had to ask Lu Hanli to lie and accuse me. You don't blame me yet you keep forcing me to my wit's end. If you really do blame me, I honestly don't know what you can be capable of."

Lu Qiyuan was shocked. How did Lu Man know about this!

Back then at the hospital room, there was obviously only just him and Lu Hanli. How did Lu Man find out?

Moreover, Lu Qiyuan did not know that since Lu Hanli had received Han Zhuoli's stern warning, Lu Hanli would naturally tell Han Zhuoli word-for-word what Lu Qiyuan had told him. It was the only way Lu Hanli could prove that he did listen to Han Zhuoli and did not agree no matter what Lu Qiyuan said.

Lu Qiyuan laughed dryly. "Who did you hear that from? They are trying to ruin our relationship! Lu Man, go and speak with Han Zhuoli and ask him to give Qi Qi a role."

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