Chapter 147: To Think That I Thought We Were Friends.

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Dai Yiran was so furious that she almost scolded him. Was Zheng Tianming an idiot?

How could he compare her to Lu Man?

Moreover, he sounded as if she was the one who could not compare to Lu Man.

Did he even know that she didn't come here to work at all?

How dare he use all this excuse of work to order her around!

"Alright, since you're here at Han Corporation, you should do your work properly. If you're thinking of having any special treatment, then you can jolly well resign and go somewhere else where you can receive special treatment. There's no such thing here at Han Corporation." Zheng Tianming was getting annoyed and patted the stack of files. "I'm very busy, I can't keep wasting my time here. The CEO needs all of these so don't mess up."

After speaking, Zheng Tianming strode out.

Even though Dai Yiran picked up one of the files unwilling, she remained inefficient, slow and had barely finished anything until the afternoon.

While Lu Man was completing one file after another, Dai Yiran was taking her own sweet time and dawdling — she was as slow as a turtle.

Meanwhile, the others were just watching both of them and although they did not say anything out loud, they were very surprised.

Was Lu Man not tired?

She was like a robot, continuously and systematically finishing her work. She was very concentrated and focused on her work, not taking even a single break at all.

Previously, they were rather unhappy with Lu Man. However, looking at her focus and determination while working hard, they could not help but change their perspective towards Lu Man.

During the afternoon break, Ye Xiaoxing walked over. "Yiran, shall we go for lunch?"

Ever since Dai Yiran had joined them, she had treated them to lunch everyday and the food was exceptionally good too.

This way Ye Xiaoxing could save her lunch money and also take photos to show off to her friends.

Since wherever Dai Yiran brought them for lunch was always a very grand place.

"What lunch! I can't even finish my work!" Dai Yiran was full of anger. She then picked up a file and threw it angrily on the table. "Who is that Zheng Tianming! How dare he ask me to do this work!"

Ye Xiaoxing thought, "If you aren't here for work, then why are you here for?"

Moreover, Han Corporation had no obligation to pay her to do nothing.

Suddenly, Dai Yiran paused and smiled as she looked at Ye Xiaoxing, "Xiaoxing, do me a favor."

Goosebumps appeared on Ye Xiaoxing skin from the way Dai Yiran looked at her. From Dai Yiran's expression, Ye Xiaoxing could clearly guess what Dai Yiran wanted her to do, but she did not want to agree to her request.

"Can you help me finish all these, hmm?" Dai Yiran smiled at Ye Xiaoxing.

"Haha," Ye Xiaoxing laughed dryly as she took two steps back. "I still have a lot of things to work on, I might even have to do overtime tonight."

"They may seem like a lot, but they are all very simple. If we work together, they will be done really quick." Dai Yiran held onto Ye Xiaoxing's hand enthusiastically. "I'll treat you to lunch."

What could a lunch possibly do?

Ye Xiaoxing still did not want to agree.

Dai Yiran's face turned sour. "To think that I thought we were friends. You don't even want to help me with this small favor."

Ye Xiaoxing smiled rigidly. Earlier she did suck up to Dai Yiran even when she knew very well that Dai Yiran did not think highly of her at all.

"It's not that I don't want to help, but I honestly have too much work to do," Ye Xiaoxing said uncomfortably.

Dai Yiran replied unhappily, "If you help me out, I'll bring you to Qi Lin Resort to relax and enjoy. We can stay there for two nights, enjoy the hot springs, and there's even food from all around the globe. Anyway, it's all up to what you want to do, I'll take care of it all."

Ye Xiaoxing was a little moved by her words. She really could not spare to spend her money on such kind of stuff. Moreover, she could not even afford to stay there for a night, let alone spend money at that resort.

"We are friends, there's no need to exchange all these gifts." Ye Xiaoxing smiled, "I'll help you."

Dai Yiran smiled sarcastically, "Don't worry, if you help me, I promise you will be rewarded rather handsomely."

Since she had to fork out money anyway, Dai Yiran did not stand on ceremony with Ye Xiaoxing either. She immediately shoved all the files to Ye Xiaoxing. "Zheng Tianming has specifically ordered that Brother Han wants all these so you can't mess up."

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