Chapter 84: Xia Qingyang Was Precisely What They Call a Dumb Teammate

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"I won't let you enter!" Xia Qingyang smiled derisively, "Is it that you have no more money? And you're thinking about being nice now, to ask for money? No way! If you have the ability, then you can continue pressing on! At that time, when you were harming Qiqi, you were so impressive! Oh, when you have nothing to do you try to make our lives hard, but now that you have no money, you suddenly remember about us? I'll tell you now, I won't give you a single cent, I also won't give you Qiyuan! You can bring along your sick mother and die together!"

"Repeat what you said!" Lu Man's expression turned frosty.

Xia Qingyang instinctively took a small half step backwards but remembered that Lu Man was standing outside the door and thus could not do anything to her at all.

How weird, Lu Man only glared at her, why was it so scary?

"Haha, let me tell you now, the Lu family money is all mine and Qiqi's. Earlier, when I was willing to give you a salary, that was just me being charitable. The money you spent is all Qiqi's money. From now on, you must stop thinking about spending my family's money!" Xia Qingyang got more and more smug as, through the screen on the video camera, she saw Lu Man's coldness as her fear.

Then Lu Man smiled and said scornfully, "It's you who said that you won't let me in."

Feeling suspicious, Xia Qingyang paused before she straightened her neck, "It's me who said it, so what! Are you trying to scare me?"

However now Lu Man did not want to talk about useless stuff with her any more and turned around to leave.

It took quite a long time for Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi to return even after Lu Man had left.

As soon as Lu Qiyuan entered through the door, he searched for Lu Man. Upon not seeing Lu Man anywhere, he instantly pulled a long face, "That unfilial daughter hasn't come back yet?"

"Who?" Xia Qingyang paused a bit before asking, "Are you talking about Lu Man?"

"Yes, she hasn't come back yet?" Lu Qiyuan had been embarrassed at the Han Corporation, and already had a bad temper when he returned home.

"She..." At that moment, Xia Qingyang felt that something was wrong and thought back to what Lu Man had told her just a while ago She suddenly came to a realization; that horrible girl had dug a trap for her!

No wonder she said it would be best if she let her in.

Yet, she refused to say the reason.

If she knew that it was Lu Qiyuan who wanted Lu Man to come back, would she not let her in!

That horrible girl, how could she be so bad!

That girl did not take a break at all, always every opportunity to set up traps!

"Reply me!" As Lu Qiyuan saw Xia Qingyang's expressions, he immediately knew what had happened, and asked her, "She came, but you didn't let her in?"

It could be said that Lu Qiyuan actually knew Xia Qingyang quite well and was not that dumb.

Xia Qingyang's lips trembled, "I... I didn't know she was called back home by you. She didn't say, so I thought she came back to make fun of our family."

"You..." Lu Qiyuan pointed at her angrily, his finger trembling, "What a good thing you did!"

He had, through great difficulty, used threats to call Lu Man over, yet before she had even entered the door, Xia Qingyang had chased her away!

However, this was exactly what Lu Man wanted!

Xia Qingyang was precisely what they called a dumb teammate!

"It's all... all a trap she set for me, she didn't even tell me that it's you who asked her to come home, and led me on to say harsh words to chase her away. If I knew that you had called her here, even if I didn't want to see her, I still would have let her come in," Xia Qingyang said, feeling wronged.

"You knew that she was as slippery as a mud ish, yet you–" Lu Qiyuan was angered until he had no more temper, and harshly put down his hand.

He did not know what had happened to Lu Man, she had changed so much that she was no longer controllable at all!

Whereas in the past, she was not at all like this.

Lu Qiyuan immediately took out his phone and called Lu Man.

At that moment, Lu Man was sitting in a taxi, and upon seeing that it was Lu Qiyuan who was calling her, she let the phone ring for a long time before picking it up.

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