Chapter 138: Dai Yiran Entered Ablaze With Anger And Directly Rushed Towards Her

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"I'm sorry, I did not notice these things. I'll find a way to knock some sense into them," Wu Lize said with a frown on his face.

"It's nothing," Lu Man did not care that much. "This kind of thing, how can you show your face? Even if you really do something, it would just make them more unhappy, and it will become even worse privately for me."

Wu Lize scrunched his eyebrow in worry. "But you're busy with these things, then what about Du Lin's case? Do you have time to finish it?"

Lu Man did not say that she had finished it long ago. "I will definitely have time. If I can't get past this kind of small problem, then what right do I have to say that I want to improve?"

When Wu Lize saw Lu Man's determination, he really admired Lu Man's attitude of not willing to lose out and her confidence.

It was neither blind confidence nor stubbornness. It was simply that Lu Man clearly knew what she wanted and was determined to advance in that direction with a momentum that could not be stopped.

If there were pits in the road, she would just step over them.

If there were obstacles in front of her, she would move them away.

She did not boast, and instead steadily advanced forward step-by-step.

Seeing how Lu Man was so stable and composed, somehow Wu Lize also started to have confidence in Lu Man, feeling that she definitely could do it.

At that moment, Lu Man was looking at the computer and missed Wu Lize gaze.

Just as Wu Lize wanted to say something, he received Zheng Tianming's call. "Now?"

"Yes, there was an emergency suddenly," Zheng Tianming said in the phone.

"Alright, I'll go over now," Wu Lize hung up, saying, "I originally wanted to stay behind to help you, but Assistant Zheng has some work for me, and it seems that I need to work overtime as well."

Although he was working overtime, he could not stay here with Lu Man, which made him feel quite gloomy.

Wu Lize considered if it was convenient to bring his work back here and work overtime with Lu Man.

As he thought about it, he felt that it was quite a good idea.

"I'll go take a look, if it's possible, I'll bring my work back and do it together with you," Wu Lize said.

Lu Man did not say anything as she had a feeling that he might not be able to come back.

As her first reaction on hearing that Zheng Tianming had called him for some work was to think that it was most likely to be Han Zhuoli's doing.

When Wu Lize reached the top floor, Zheng Tianming had just rushed back.

While walking back to the office, Zheng Tianming had been thinking about how he had heard people working overtime for work but he had never heard of someone working overtime to help their boss stop being single.

As soon as he thought that, Wu Lize arrived.

"Assistant Zheng," Wu Lize came over. "What's the problem that it is so urgent?"

Zheng Tianming just went 'haha' in his mind and said, "It's like that, on Friday night, it's the Nanyin Charity Night, how's the preparation going for your Public Relations Department?"

"Haven't I already passed you the proposal earlier?" Wu Lize asked, finding it strange.

"Yes, but I still have some parts I don't really understand, let's just solve whatever problems in detail right now," Zheng Tianming took out the document, telling Wu Lize to take a seat.

"..." Wu Lize had no words to respond, "What is there to not understand, we can talk about it during office hours as well right? Why must it be at this time?"

"The CEO's schedule is very busy, and he can only find time tomorrow morning to listen to the proposal, so if I wait for you to come to work tomorrow and then go find you, it will get delayed and the CEO does not have time later on for that," Zheng Tianming explained.

Although Wu Lize felt that there was something strange with this whole situation, he could not say it out, hence he could only calm his heart and explain everything to Zheng Tianming.

He sighed in his heart as now he probably could not work overtime together with Lu Man anymore.


Just after Wu Lize left, Lu Man heard the sounds of high heels clacking on the floor, coming closer and closer.

She frowned, lifting her head to see Dai Yiran entering, ablaze with anger and directly rushing towards her.

Lu Man raised her eyebrow, seeing that Dai Yiran looked like she had bad intentions, she instantly stood up.

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