Chapter 177: I'm Advising You To Stay Away From Lu Man, She Brings Disaster

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"I want to kick three people out right at this moment!" Han Zhuoli said coldly.

Earlier when he had been sitting outside, he had kept a close watch on Lu Man.

When Han Zhouli saw Lu Qiyuan going after Lu Man, he noticed that Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi had also come to the banquet.

"Now?" Nan Jingheng was stunned for a while. "You're referring to the guests tonight?"

"Yes, anyway it's not someone important, do you know about Lu Qi?" Han Zhuoli asked, fixing his cold gaze on Lu Qiyuan.

Lu Qiyuan widened his eyes!

They had invitations, and their seating arrangements had already been exposed online.

He had never heard of the Nan Ying Charity Night kicking guests out before.

Since the organizers had already sent out the invitations, it meant that the guests were carefully chosen for their limited guest list, so how could they just invite people and then chase them away?

Han Zhuoli wanted to cause a sensational news report!

"I've heard of her," Nan Jingheng owned the Nan Ying Corporation, the largest media corporation in the country, so obviously it was impossible for him to not know about Lu Qi's scandals, "What of it?"

"Nowadays, your charity night is quite casual, inviting all kinds of people," Han Zhuoli did not bother being polite and directly insulted Nan Jingheng, "Today, Lu Qi brought her father and mother here, and I'm telling you now, I don't like the three of them."

"..." Nan Jingheng broke out in sweat, "Did they offend you?"

Han Zhuoli looked coldly at Lu Qiyuan, and Lu Qiyuan's current expression was even uglier than when he was crying.

Taking advantage of when Han Zhuoli was not looking over, Lu Qiyuan harshly glared at Lu Man.

This daughter was here to cause him trouble!

They were both daughters, but why was it that she differed so much from Lu Qi!

Lu Qi was so thoughtful, always thinking of him first before doing anything.

Whereas Lu Man just liked to oppose everything he said and there was not even a single good thing that he could associate with Lu Man.

Because of her, now he had offended Han Zhuoli.

Lu Qiyuan did not understand and was confused, if Han Zhuoli did not like Lu Man, why did he insist on helping Lu Man out every single time.

Probably, Lu Man must have badmouthed about him and Lu Qi while working at Han Corporation.

From a young age, Lu Man had not brought him much good luck.

At the time when Xia Qingwei was still his wife, his business was very tough.

It was only after Lu Qi had been born that his business expanded and his company became bigger and bigger each day.

Lu Qiyuan felt that Lu Qi was his lucky charm while Lu Man just brought him disaster!

Moreover, Xia Qingyang would always keep saying that his business flourished only after she had Lu Qi. Eventually, after listening to the same thing every single day, Lu Qiyuan started believing that it was really like that and that Lu Qi was indeed his lucky charm.

Tonight, upon seeing Han Zhouli making things difficult for him because of Lu Man, he suddenly remembered those words of Xia Qingyang.

He suddenly felt that Lu Man would always bring him destruction!

"Isn't this a charity night? The three of them do not have good morals," Han Zhuoli said.

Nan Jingheng: "..."

Was such a reason really acceptable?

"How are my morals not good?" Lu Qiyuan angrily pointed accusingly at Lu Man, "She is the one who's shameless and randomly seduces men, even her childhood sweetheart doesn't want her!"

Hearing Lu Qiyuan speaking ill of Lu Man, Han Zhuoli exploded in anger and fiercely swung his fist, landing it straight on Lu Qiyuan's face.

Lu Qiyuan fell onto the ground with a "thud" sound. He instinctively used him arm to support himself, and the impact was so powerful that his arm became numb.

Even his facial bones were hurting tremendously as if they had been completely shattered, and he could feel the metallic taste of blood in his mouth.

"Cough! Cough!" When Lu Qiyuan coughed out the blood in his mouth and found his molars loose when his tongue licked the insides of his mouth.

"You... Why did you hit me!" Lu Qiyuan asked furiously while covering his mouth with his hand, "What did I say wrong! I'm advising you to stay away from Lu Man, she brings disaster!"

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