Chapter 75: Made Sure That Lu Hanli Suffers in the Entertainment Industry

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"Who said that Lu Qi was alright?" Lu Man smiled palely. "Even though she doesn't need to go to jail, this matter has greatly impacted her career. Lu Hanli said that she didn't sleep with her? The netizens won't believe it. Film studios, producers, directors and even companies seeking artists for advertising would never dare to hire her again That's because her reputation has already completely gone down the drain."

"This is not some small scandal. This matter has been brewing for such a long time. She shouldn't think about making a comeback within the next few years. However, my father still feels much pity for her, so how could he bear to let Lu Qi suffer such grievances? That's why he wanted to come to an agreement with Lu Hanli. As long as Lu Hanli said that it was me who did it, me who had entered his room and also injured him, all the accusations towards Lu Qi would just be considered as a misunderstanding or me slandering her, and Lu Qi would be fine. She could even stand tall again as a victim."

That's why, as long as it was for Lu Qi's sake, he could sacrifice Lu Man however he wanted.

"That old bastard!" Xu Hui was so angry that he genuinely wanted to give Lu Qiyuan a good beating. "Is he only Lu Qi's father? Besides, she's not even his biological daughter, he must be crazy!"

Zhou Cheng prodded Xu Hui, telling him to stop talking.

Lu Qiyuan's actions always made Lu Man suffer the most.

Thus, Xu Hui stopped speaking immediately as he had realised it too.

Zhou Cheng sighed. "Fortunately, Mr Han managed to find Lu Hanli first, before Lu Qiyuan could, that's why Lu Hanli did not dare to agree with Lu Qiyuan's terms. If he had agreed, Mr Han would have made sure that Lu Hanli suffers in the entertainment industry, that's why Lu Hanli could only refuse Lu Qiyuan. However, it would still be difficult for Lu Qi to make a break in the entertainment industry. Even if Mr Han decides to make no further moves, Lu Hanli will not let Lu Qi off easily either as it was indeed Lu Qi who had hurt him. Lu Hanli is still a famous director after all, but just because of this incident his reputation went down the drain too. Hence he hates Lu Qi to death now. Moreover, with Lu Hanli's connections in the film industry, it will be hard for Lu Qi to have a career in the film industry. Even in the television industry, with Lu Qi's current reputation, it might even be difficult for her to be the second-lead actress."

Even though Lu Qi did not go to jail this time, she would still be facing many difficulties that with her jealous and strong headed personality she could never get back on her feet. It would definitely give her sufficient hard time.

"I know what you mean, thanks." Lu Man knew that Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui wanted her to be more cautious around Lu Qiyuan.

Lu Man stood up and wanted to enter the hospital room. As Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui moved aside she saw Xia Qingwei standing by the door for who knows how long.

Since Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui were tall and big, blocking her view completely Lu Man had not seen her at all.

"Mom!" Lu Man rushed over nervously and held onto Xia Qingwei who was about to fall. "You..."

"I've heard everything." Xia Qingwei was furious and her eyes were bloodshot red.

"Mom, I'm fine. I don't even take this to heart. Besides, isn't it alright now?" Lu Man held onto Xia Qingwei. "Let me help you back to bed first. At least for my sake, you have to take good care of your body. Don't be so reckless and come out whenever you want. If not, your wound could be hurt repeatedly, then when would you be able to be discharged?"

"I was being impulsive." Xia Qingwei regretted it too. She could not help Lu Man at all and even kept burdening her.

Therefore, she cooperated and returned to the hospital bed. She held onto Lu Man's hand and said, "Your father, he... he is still your biological father. However, from now on, there's no need to treat him as your father. He doesn't deserve it!"

Xia Qingwei regretted having chosen to marry such a bastard out of so many other people.

However, at the same time, if not for Lu Qiyuan, Lu Man would not have been born either and she would not have such a good daughter too.

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