Chapter 196: She Still Preferred a Simpler Girl

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Shen Nuo sized him up from head to toe. "You look so nervous, could it be that your girlfriend is Lu Man?"

Han Zhuoli, "..."

Sometimes, his mother can be so perceptive and sharp that it was too scary!

Old Mrs. Han instantly reacted to that. "That's right. I've only briefly talked about how I don't like this girl Lu Man, why are you so anxious?"

Suspicious, Old Mrs. Han narrowed her eyes. "Is she really your girlfriend?

At this moment, Han Zhuoli wasn't sure either whether admitting that Lu Man was indeed his girlfriend would be a good idea.

Old Mrs. Han already had a rather deep-rooted bad impression of Lu Man and if he were to admit that Lu Man was his girlfriend at a moment like this, Old Mrs. Han would probably think that Lu Man had schemingly played dirty tricks to become his girlfriend and would dislike Lu Man even more.

Yet now that Old Mrs. Han had already asked him, if Han Zhuoli were to deny it, even he would look down upon himself.

Lu Man wasn't a girl whom he had to hide from others, she was excellent.

He could not deny it, any honorable man would never do that.

"Yes, she is my girlfriend." Han Zhuoli saw the disapproval on Old Mrs. Han's face. "Grandma, I know what you're thinking, but she did not scheme to get close to me, it was I who chased after her instead. Because of her father's and ex-boyfriend's betrayal, she could not trust men. If I had not forced her to give it a try, perhaps she wouldn't get anywhere close to dating and relationships for her entire life."

"How do you know that she isn't just acting for you to see?" At that moment, Old Mrs. Han was behaving like a small child, extremely stubborn. "She is so crafty and cunning. At such a young age, she has toyed with her father and younger sister over and over, having them wrapped around her pinky finger. I find a girl like that terrifying."

Han Zhuoli laughed resignedly, "Grandma, have you forgotten about my unique ability to govern the family?"

Speaking of the family governing ability in the eight prominent families, in every generation, there would only be one person with a special ability.

And that person would directly become the next head of the household.

So, it could be said that the head of the household of the eight prominent families wasn't chosen by the people, but rather by the heavens.

That was also why even though Han Dongping was the eldest son, he still could not inherit the Han family.

As the family governing ability had only been gifted to Han Xijin by heavens.

Han Zhouli's words made Old Mrs. Han think about Han Zhuoli's family governing ability, which was that he could tell when people were lying.

It wasn't like that of those psychics from the movies, he couldn't read people's minds. However, through people's expressions, body language and words, he could tell whether they were speaking the truth.

Yet, Old Mrs. Han pursed her lips. "I heard that you even gave her the go-ahead in the company?"

She looked down on those who go through the back door, pulling strings.

Just now, she looked down on Dai Yiran for pulling strings, so naturally, she also looked down on Lu Man who was cruising and slacking off in the company.

"Where did you hear something like that?" Han Zhuoli was puzzled.

"She didn't even go through a probation period, yet you directly made her in charge of Du Lin's comeback plan, right?" Old Mrs. Han asked.

Han Zhuoli smiled, "This isn't giving her the go-ahead. On the contrary, no matter who is assigned this task, it would be a very difficult test for them. If you don't believe me, you can go and ask around in our company's Public relations department, if this task was assigned to someone else, who would dare to accept it? Even those senior employees, when they saw Lu Man's proposal, they all expressed that they wouldn't have come up with anything as good as hers. Besides, no one in the company knows about the relationship between me and Lu Man, as she refused to announce it. She is not treated special or favored in the company. She is just a regular employee who does her own work sincerely and competes fairly with others. If she doesn't perform, she would be fired too."

In reality, even Old Mrs. Han herself knew that this case was not an easy one. Also, from the effects of the current proposal thus far, Lu Man had indeed been doing a pretty good job, she was really someone to be reckoned with.

However, she still preferred a simpler girl.

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