Chapter 135: You Can Try Calling Me That Once

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"You were concerned about me just now," Han Zhuoli's magnetic voice could not help but contain a smile.

Lu Man was so embarrassed that she did not even dare to lift her head to look at him, her gaze quickly moving away from his Adam's apple. "The lunch is getting cold, it's better to eat quickly."

"Compared to lunch, I actually want to eat you more, you know it as well." She did not even know when suddenly one of Han Zhuoli's hands pressed against the sofa, almost trapping her.

Lu Man could only move towards a corner to avoid it.

But when she avoided, he advanced further.

Step by step, he slowly moved closer to her, it was just like how he had chased her, seeking a relationship, he had always been advancing on her and forcing her into a corner, not letting her avoid or hide.

Han Zhouli saw how Lu Man had lowered her head in embarrassment and she did not dare to look at him, also her face was all red.

Although Han Zhuoli could not be sure of other things, he was sure that Lu Man definitely did not hate him.

He sighed as he approached her, trying his best to hold himself back from kissing those soft lips that were near his. "Lu Man, just admit that you like me, it's not that hard. Don't be a scaredy-cat, compared to thinking that you will be hurt again, why don't you think about how you will cut me up in pieces and feed me to the dogs in case I ever betray you one day."

Lu Man paused, how could anyone talk about themselves like that.

"You're telling me beforehand, are you trying to prepare me for the future and telling me that such a day might actually come in the future?" Lu Man raised her eyebrow.

Han Zhuoli was angry to the extent that his teeth itched and he vigorously pinched her waist. "You're purposely finding trouble!"

This girl, why was she so exasperating!

She was so slippery that she did not stay in his hands, and it was always so hard to hold her tightly.

However, on seeing Lu Man's eyes reddened a bit, Han Zhuoli softened instantly. "Okay okay, I won't force you, but just think about it carefully."

Lu Man's two hands covered her face, then rubbed it harshly, taking deep breaths, "Young Master—"

The word "Han" had not even left her mouth before she was threatened by Han Zhuoli, "You can try calling me that once."

"..." Thus, Lu Man could only change her way of calling him. "Han Zhuoli."

Han Zhuoli gritted his teeth, alright, at least it was better than being called Young Master Han.

At least it did not sound as distant as Young Master Han.

"I'm really a scaredy-cat, I don't dare to take that step easily, you don't know what I've been through, and you don't know how hard it is for me to take that step," Lu Man's fingertips brushed past her eyes, feeling the wetness on them. "I know, that I can't trap myself like that forever. Just give me a little time for me to think it through, alright?"

After Lu Man said that, it was quiet for a short moment before she heard Han Zhuoli's voice. "Alright."

He let go of her and sat upright. "Eat, otherwise, it will really turn cold."

Lu Man sat up straight, then secretly peeked at Han Zhuoli, his facial expression was normal, it was neither sad nor angry.

"What are you looking at? I'm not that petty," Han Zhuoli stuffed the chopsticks into her hand. "It's just waiting for you for a few days.

Lu Man: "..."

So, he only planned on giving her a few days to consider?

"I'm only giving you a few days," as if knowing what she was thinking, "Only until this Saturday, the day Auntie is discharged."

Lu Man thought that these few days were probably enough for her to decide if Han Zhuoli was worth the risk.


After finishing her lunch with Han Zhuoli, she thought about how Han Zhuoli still had work to do, and that even she still had a stack of documents to sort out, so she left first.

Who knew that as soon as she went out of the door, she would see Ye Xuanxuan come out from the pantry.

Ever since what had happened yesterday, Ye Xuanxuan had fallen out with Ye Xiaoxing.

She also had nothing to say with her colleagues in the same department.

In the afternoon when Yang Fangqi called Zheng Xiaoying to eat, she did not even acknowledge her, thus Ye Xuanxuan could only call for takeaway herself and hide in the pantry to eat alone.

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