Chapter 21: I'm Not Even the Culprit. So Why Should I Turn Myself In?

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In the past, it was not that Lu Qiyuan was never good to her.

Back when she was little, there were still a lot of difficulties in the family and Xia Qingyang had yet to appear.

Lu Qiyuan also felt bad for making Xia Qingwei suffer with him. Also, every time he came home, he would carry her onto his lap. He would call her the most obedient and best daughter, and that she was the little princess of this family.

Yet now, looking at Lu Qiyuan, she could no longer remember the smile on Lu Qiyuan's face back when he was nice to her.

"Well then, you should at least treat me like a daughter. From the time you divorced Mom and remarried, you only have had eyes for Lu Qi. You have long forgotten about this daughter of yours. How else do you want me to treat you?" Lu Man put her hand down, revealing the red and swollen palm-sized mark on her cheek.

She wanted Lu Qiyuan to remember exactly how he slapped her just now.

After hitting her, he still expects her respect?

What a joke!

Nevertheless, no matter what she does, it would not make Lu Qiyuan more objective and fair, thus there was no point in putting down her self-esteem just to make Lu Qiyuan feel better.

Hence she will behave exactly how it should be. At least that would make her feel better.

However, upon seeing the swollen injury on Lu Man's face, the awkward expression in Lu Qiyuan's eyes disappeared in a flash. Guilt filled his chest though only for a brief second. He felt that the palm-sized mark on her face was just too distracting.

Remembering how he was the one who made that mark, he was even more unwilling to face the truth. He started detesting Lu Man's face even more.

Moreover, after hearing Lu Man speak about him and Xia Qingyang, he felt even more sorry towards Xia Qingwei.

He knew that he was at fault, yet he was unwilling to face his own mistakes and reluctant to admit that he had let Xia Qingwei down.

Thus as long as he could hide the truth from himself and others and not think about it, it would be as if it had never happened.

But now that Lu Man revealed the truth, it was like peeling off a fresh, healthy-looking layer of skin and only to expose the ugly, rotten flesh inside.

Lu Qiyuan pointed at Lu Man's nose. "Go turn yourself in at the police station!"

Lu Man stared straight at Lu Qiyuan.

In her previous life, there had been "irrefutable and conclusive evidence" against her. Even without Lu Qiyuan, she was already done over and framed by He Zhengbai and Lu Qi in such a manner that there was no way she could prove her innocence. No matter what Lu Qiyuan would have said, she would have to go to jail.

But all Lu Qiyuan did was bitterly and painfully scolding her, asking her how could she hurt others.

Her sadness then had only stemmed from Lu Qiyuan's distrust.

However, now, despite knowing that she was innocent, Lu Qiyuan still wanted her to turn herself in.

Lu Man felt like laughing all of a sudden. She looked at Lu Qiyuan mockingly. "I'm not even the culprit. Why should I turn myself in?"

"If it's not you, could it have been your sister? No way! If it's not her, then it must be you!" Lu Qiyuan's intentions were clear.

No matter whether Lu Qi was the culprit or not, the only person who must go to jail was Lu Man.

"She did it!" Lu Man shouted. "The police will find the truth. Whoever hurt the director, will be going to jail — it will all be fair."

He Zhengbai frowned unhappily. "Lu Man, how could you be so unreasonable? Do you know how much gossip and criticism Qi Qi would have to put up with during the police's investigation? This will hurt her career greatly. Qi Qi is now aiming towards being an A-list actress. She can't afford to have such a scandal now."

Lu Man laughed unpretentiously as if she had just heard some funny joke. "He Zhengbai, you're absurd. For her career, I have to sacrifice my entire life? I must be crazy if I want to go to jail for something I didn't do! I don't care that you secretly got together with Lu Qi behind my back while we used to date. I just take it like I was holding my bladder for a very long time and finally managed to get a nice good piss. It just felt great."

He Zhengbai was so angry, his face was as red as a beet. "How could you be so vulgar!"

Moreover, she had even referred to him as a piss!

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