Chapter 128: Bad Things Are More Likely to Happen When It's a Useless Man

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"You're right. There are plenty who are prettier than you and stand out more than you. You're not the best. However, love is not a test. There's no need to choose based on scores. I just like you and I don't know why. Maybe it was the first time we met when you fell from the balcony, I lifted my head and our eyes met for the first time. They were fragile yet strong, with a strong determination to never give up."

"Maybe it was when you had only wrapped a towel around yourself and ran into my arms, confidently pretending that you were my woman. Maybe it's because every time you see me, you're as sly as a fox. I try to catch you but I can't. I hate you yet I love you. Maybe..." Han Zhuoli stopped and smiled a little. "There are many many reasons, that's why, even I don't know, exactly why do I like you."

Lu Man was already stunned by Han Zhuoli's words. His words were as clear as day, how could Lu Man not tell?

She really did not know where she got all this luck for Han Zhuoli to sincerely and honestly fall for her.

Could it be that the heavens took pity on how miserable her life was before and thus gave her another chance to do everything all over with so much luck?

Yet, Lu Man was unsure too whether this was considered as good luck for her.

Compared to Han Zhuoli, He Zhengbai was indeed way too ordinary.

Yet, even someone like He Zhengbai got sick of her and did not like her anymore. Then Han Zhuoli who was way more talented than him may feel that she was interesting and new right now, but after some time, even he might get sick of her too.

Lu Man realized that her experiences from her previous life were not just a warning to help her know what would happen in advance.

It was also doubled the amount of inferiority she felt. In both lives she was despised by the same man, which caused her to lose all her confidence, making her unable to believe that someone like Han Zhuoli would stay true to her forever.

"Master Han," Lu Man said.

There was some danger lurking in Han Zhuoli's eyes. He had already said so very clearly, yet this girl still uncaringly called him Master Han.

"Just consider me as ungrateful. In this life, I just want to protect my mother and live a simple, peaceful life. Yes, because of Lu Qiyuan and He Zhengbai, I'm a little afraid. I'm scared of trusting anyone and stepping into a relationship so easily. I need some time, I want to find an ordinary man and live a simple, normal and humble life." She did not want anything extravagant, just some peace and serenity in her life.

"How can you be sure that an ordinary man wouldn't betray you or hurt you? It's easier for bad things to happen when it's a useless man," Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man stayed silent. He was right, she could never guarantee it would not happen.

Therefore, she had honestly planned to stay single forever right from the beginning of her new life.

She just wanted to love herself so that she would not be hurt or betrayed by others. She would not have to be afraid that her feelings would eventually be trampled upon by others.

However, Han Zhuoli seemed to have figured out her actual thoughts and released her silently.

All of a sudden, out his embrace, Lu Man felt empty and cold.

The autumn breeze at night was a little chilly. The cold went through her clothes and pierced her bones.

Goosebumps started appearing on her skin beneath her clothes.

Moreover, even though both her feet were on the ground, her knees suddenly started to give out. However, just as she was about to fall, she was held at the waist by him once again.

The strength and heat from his palms were imprinted on the sides of her waist. The cold immediately left her body and her heart felt a lot more steady.

Lu Man's heart sank a little. Even though she wanted to refuse him, her heart was unwillingly inclined towards him.

With his touch, she could gain and lose feelings so quickly.

When Han Zhuoli let go of her yet again, her waist empty, she started feeling cold again.

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