Chapter 91: He's a Really Good Person

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It was probably just like what Han Zhuoli said; he wanted to do something for her just because he felt apologetic for his previous actions.

Han Zhuoli opened the car door, "I'll be leaving now, you can go back first."

Lu Man nodded, but stayed still, planning on seeing him off.

As Han Zhuoli's sight landed on the phone Lu Man was holding in her hand, he said, "It's still those same words, if you have any problems just call me."

Till now, Lu Man had contacted him just once, and it was only to express her gratitude and return him the money.

Otherwise, even if she ever actually met with trouble, she would not think of reaching out to him.

Hence, Han Zhuoli felt very troubled, "I'm speaking the truth, if you meet with any problems, call me. You still haven't contacted me for help."

Han Zhouli's words left Lu Man stunned for a short while, "Alright."

Did he really wish for her to get into trouble that much?

Yet Han Zhuoli did not feel satisfied and even when he sat down inside his car he kept feeling that Lu Man's 'alright' was just to pacify him.

However, he lowered his car window and drove off after waving goodbye to Lu Man.


As soon as Lu Man entered the hospital room, Xia Qingwei beckoned Lu Man over and asked her in a low voice, "Tell me the truth, what is the relationship between you and Xiao Han?"

Although Lu Man opened her mouth to answer her, she could not help but ask first, "Mom, you don't even know who he is, yet you're already calling him Xiao Han."

"How could I not know? Isn't it your friend who helped pay for the surgery fees? Earlier when he came in, older sister Chai recognized him with just one look. It is just like older sister Chai said, he is really very good looking."

Lu Man raised her eyes to check whether the curtains were drawn as who knew if Auntie Chai was listening intently to their conversation now.

Thus, Lu Man lowered her voice even more, "He's the CEO of the Han Corporation."

As soon as Xia Qingwei heard that, she was taken aback.

Even if she did not follow entertainment news, she still knew about the Han Corporation.

Initially, she wanted to match make Lu Man and Han Zhuoli, but upon hearing that, she immediately removed that notion from her head.

"But why would such an important person come and visit me? How did you get to know him?" Xia Qingwei asked, shocked.

Lu Man had no choice, so she told Xia Qingwei Lu Qiyuan's excuses from before.

"I guess he was just present there that day and witnessed the unfair treatment, thus he helped me out readily. Just now when I sent Young Master Han off, he told me that he was here to visit a friend. He has a friend who's injured and staying in the hospital. It was only because he had helped me before and remembered you that he came over to visit you."

As Lu Man was not sure if Xia Qingwei believed her, she kept observing Xia Qingwei's expression when she heard her say, "So it's like that, then he's a really good person."

Lu Man: "..."

Ha ha, Her mother was really easy to win over.

At that moment, they saw Wu Zhiguo carry a huge bag in, and start keeping their belongings in it.

"Older brother Wu, is older sister Chai going to be discharged soon?" Xia Qingwei asked.

"Yes, she'll be discharged tomorrow morning, so I'm taking away out some of the stuff she doesn't need today so that clearing the room tomorrow will be less troublesome, and so that we won't miss this and that," Wu Zhiguo smiled as he continued putting things away.

"I can finally be discharged, that's good. I've been so bored here," Auntie Chai was also very happy.

"Exactly," Xia Qingwei nodded her head, "I am also looking forward to being discharged."

"You'll probably be discharged soon too, I see that your wound is healing well," Auntie Chai said.

Lu Man nodded her head, "Mom, I have asked the doctor already, once your stitches are removed at the end of the month, you can be discharged."

"Oh, that's great," Xia Qingwei was delighted, one reason was that always lying on the bed was boring, and the other more important reason was that she wanted to quickly return home.

Moreover, Lu Man had to go to work and keep running between the company and the hospital which would tire her out a lot.

Hence, she wanted to get well quickly and reduce the burden on Lu Man and start taking care of Lu Man.

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