Chapter 199: Who the Heck Praises People with Such a Furious Expression!

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"Those who spread the rumors are stupid too. Seducing the boss? Are they talking about our Manager Wu or our CEO?" Chen Shimian laughed sarcastically. No matter who was dragged into this, the culprit would definitely have to suffer the consequences!

Hearing that, Ye Xiaoxing suddenly froze up a little. Just then, she saw Wu Lize stopping at the entrance and stepping aside to welcome someone, "Please, Director Du."

Right after, a middle-aged man walked in, followed closely behind by Wu Lize.

"Director Du."

"Director Du."

Everyone in the department stood up one after another and greeted him.

Noticing that the man's facial features were similar to Du Lin's, Lu Man instantly figured out that he must be Du Xiangdong, Du Lin' uncle and one of the directors in the company.

Before anyone could figure out why Du Xiangdong came over to the public relations department, Du Xiangdong started walking towards Lu Man.

Remembering Du Xiangdong and Du Lin's relationship Ye Xiaoxing instantly started to gloat over Lu Man's misfortune.

Ye Xiaoxing thought that Du Xiangdong must have definitely heard the rumors spreading in the company and was concerned about letting Lu Man be in-charge of Du Lin's comeback, so he personally came here to settle the score.

Right then, Du Xiangdong stopped in front of Lu Man. "You're Lu Man?"

"Yes, I'm Lu Man. Nice to meet you, Director Du." Lu Man was not nervous at all. Her attitude was calm and steady, neither overly humble nor proud.

Seeing Lu Man so calm, Ye Xiaoxing and Xia Mengxuan pursed their lips and exchanged looks. They both felt that Lu Man was putting on an act and that she didn't even know that she was so close to her death already.

Also, neither of them believed that Du Xiangdong would still be assured with letting Lu Man handle such an important case after hearing about the rumors going around in the company.

"So you are Lu Man," Du Xiangdong assessed Lu Man from head to toe.

Seeing that, Ye Xiaoxing and Xia Mengxuan started smiling gloatingly.

"You're not bad," Du Xiangdong suddenly burst into laughter, "I've wanted to meet you for a very long time. You're so capable at such a young age. You dared to take on a job that many seniors before you did not even dare to touch! More so, you did such a wonderful job!"

Suddenly, Ye Xiaoxing and Xia Mengxuan's faces froze. What was going on?

It was different from what they thought!

Initially, Du Xiangdong had come over with a serious and solemn expression, it looked as if he was extremely unhappy. Yet, he suddenly started praising Lu Man!!

Is there a problem with Du Xiangdong's brain!

Who the heck praises people with such a furious expression!

Besides, why was he praising Lu Man!

He should be scolding her instead!

Earlier at the banquet, Lu Man had heard from Han Zhouli that Du Xiangdong was very pleased and satisfied with the results of her work.

But just now, when she saw Du Xiangdong's grim and fierce expression, her heart still started beating rapidly.

Who'd know that Du Xiangdong's expressions would change so quickly. One second he was so serious, and the next second he was grinning from ear to ear.

Moreover, Du Xiangdong's words were like a slap in the face to everyone.

Just now, Ye Xiaoxing spoke about how Lu Man had some complicated affair with a superior and was receiving special treatment.

However, from Du Xiangdong's words, it was clear that no one had ever dared to accept Du Lin's case in the past. Even if he had wanted to give someone the opportunity, no one was ready to accept it.

So when it was assigned to Lu Man as a test, she accepted it without any hesitation only because she was bold, courageous and had enough self-confidence. Also, she accomplished the task and succeeded due to their own ability.

This was the complete opposite of what was bruiting about the company. If she was really receiving special treatment because of her shady affair with a superior then such a hot potato wouldn't have landed in her hands.

"You did very well. In the past, I met several experienced professionals in this field and personally requested them, but no one had the guts to accept Du Lin's case. In the end, I really had no other choice but to hand over this difficult task to our public relations department. However, even after such a long time, it was never settled on who would take up the job. I've heard that it was because no one had the confidence that the odds would be in their favor." Du Xiangdong gave Ye Xiaoxing and Xia Mengxuan a side-eye as he spoke to Lu Man.

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