Chapter 46: Did He Chase Her to Pay Him Back?

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Of course, the doctor and nurse preferred receiving the payment immediately as it was more reassuring.

Thus before Lu Man could refuse, the nurse hurriedly took the credit card from Han Zhuoli. "Please follow me here to make the payment."

Resigned, Lu Man could only follow Han Zhuoli.

Tang Zi frowned as he could not help even if he wanted too because he did not carry such a huge amount of money around either. he could not help even if he wanted too.

Finally, with the family member's signature and the hospital fees settled, the doctor entered the operation room.

After Lu Man returned, the 'Operation in Progress' light above the operation room was lit.

Suddenly, Tang Zi's phone rang. There seemed to be some urgent matter elsewhere that needed him to be there.

Lu Man rubbed her face and said, "Tang Zi, you should hurry along to your work."

"It's alright, I..."

Lu Man shook her head. "Rest assured, I'll be fine. I'll still be waiting here for my mother to come out. Just now, there were so many people busy getting a shot of Lu Qi. You should hurry return and deal with it too, don't let others beat you to it."

This time, Tang Zi not only had brought along his subordinates and his friends but also had let out the news that Lu Qi and her family was there, afraid that there would not be enough people to help Lu Man situation.

Earlier, the fellow paparazzi were not able to take a picture of Lu Qi at the police station thus they immediately rushed here, thinking that if not Lu Qi, they might as well catch a shot of her family.

However, Tang Zi's plan was simple. He was afraid that he would not be able to gather enough people in such a short period of time, hence he tried his best to garner a huge crowd as much as he could. No matter what their motives were, as long as they could come, it would be of help Lu Man.

"Anyway, by staying here with me, you would be doing nothing other than wasting your time. I can only just wait here too. Rest assured, once my mother is out, I'll let you know," Lu Man urged.

Moreover, she could not prevent him from doing his work too after she had just asked for his help.

Also, earlier when he had picked up the phone, though she could not hear it very clearly, the person on the line sounded rather anxious.

Tang Zi gritted his teeth and nodded. "Alright, call me if you need me."

After that, he looked at Han Zhuoli and decided to leave, though still worried.

A cardiac bypass surgery was not a simple operation. Lu Man clasped her hands together, worried that something might go wrong during the surgery.

Just as her nervous heart was beating furiously, a cup of steaming hot chocolate appeared in front of her. The comforting smell of chocolate immediately calmed her nerves.

Looking up, she realized Han Zhuoli was the one holding onto it.

She had not even realised when he had left and returned He said, "Drink some of this, it can calm your nerves."

"Thank you," Lu Man said as she took the cup of hot chocolate and held it with both her hands. The heat eventually spread from her palms, warming her entire body.

It was at this moment that she realized her hands had always been this cold.

Han Zhuoli had actually noticed it?

She drank a sip of the hot chocolate. The mildly sweet and creamy taste surprisingly calmed her down.

"My mother is having the surgery now, so I can't leave. Once the surgery is over and my mother comes out, I will return home and bring the money back," Lu Man said softly.

No matter what, Han Zhuoli had indeed done her a big favour.

Even though she could have returned home to get the money first while the doctors were operating, she would still not be as assured as she was now waiting at the hospital throughout the entire operation.

"This time, I really have to thank you."

Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows. Did he chase her just for her pay him back?

She sounded as though he really minded this small sum of money.

"About the money, there's no hurry." He did not really care about such a small matter.

At last, the 'Operation in Progress' light switched off. The doors opened, and the doctor walked out.

Lu Man ran over anxiously. "Doctor, how's my mother doing? Was the operation successful?"

"Don't worry, the operation went smoothly," the doctor said, smiling.

Assured by the doctor's words, Lu Man let out a deep breath. Immediately after, she saw Xia Qingwei being pushed out of the operation room.

Xia Qingwei was wearing an oxygen mask and was unconscious as she was still under the influence of anaesthesia.

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