Chapter 77: I Have the Confidence

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However, Lu Man did not immediately open the document to take a look at it. Instead, she said, "If this is a classified file that you have yet to release publicly, then I can promise here that once I walk out through that door, I will forget every single detail in this document."

Wu Lize agreed and nodded. After Lu Man said this, his mind was already half-set on hiring her.

"But, at the same time, I hope that you, too, will not use my proposed plan without my permission," Lu Man suggested.

Wu Lize seemed a bit surprised, "You seem really confident. Can your plan really make me satisfied?"

"Yes." Lu Man nodded, seemingly unafraid. "I have the confidence."

Wu Lize looked at the gaze in Lu Man's eyes. He was beginning to appreciate her even more. "Sure, I promise you. Even if we don't hire you, once you walk out through this door, I will completely forget about your plan too."

Lu Man smiled and thanked him. Then, she opened the file.

It turned out that it was about a male celebrity called Du Lin under this company who was originally very popular. Although he was just average-looking, his unique humor managed to help him attract many fans. However, because he had cheated on his wife and lied about his eventual divorce, his popularity plummeted quickly.

"Du Lin is the nephew of one of our company's shareholders. That's why, no matter what, our company still can't give up on him. The shareholder has ordered our public relations department to come up with a way to help Du Lin become popular again." Wu Lize said, "If you were to handle this case, what would you do?"

"How much time do I have?" Lu Man asked.

"Half an hour." Wu Lize said, "I'm not insisting on a complete plan, but the general direction in which you will proceed needs to be clear."

Lu Man nodded. As Lu Man thought, her finger started tapping unconsciously on the chair's armrest.

However, Wu Lize did not disturb her and remained silent.

After half an hour, Lu Man looked up and said, "I'm done thinking."

"Now, if you want to get people to start talking, basically you would start shipping them with someone 1 ."

After listening to her opening statement, Wu Lize was a little disappointed.

This was an old method, and no thought was put into it. If it were so easy and simple why would he use it especially to test Lu Man?

Besides, Du Lin's situation was different.

He was already divorced and was currently dating the person he had an affair with. If they were to ship him with someone else now, it would be a hot topic, but it would not bring him any good reputation at all. What they wanted the most right now was for the netizens to gradually forget his past actions and create a totally new image for Du Lin rather than reminding the netizens about his previous scandal.

"But, in Du Lin's case, it will not be appropriate. Besides, there are too many people using shipping to just to create a buzz and the netizens are long tired of it. Moreover, there are a lot of people who are rather against it. That's why we can't do that," Lu Man continued.

Lu Man gradually started talking about the general direction and concept of her plan. The more she spoke, the clearer her thoughts became, and the plan became more detailed too.

Wu Lize's eyes sparkled. Originally, when he had first heard from Tang Zi that he had followed exactly what Lu Man had told him to do, he was still a little reserved and felt that Tang Zi was probably trying to increase Lu Man's chances and thus intentionally gave all the credit to her.

However, now, it seemed that Lu Man did indeed have this ability, as if she was born for this line of work.

Yet, saying that it was simply because she had seen a lot in the entertainment industry and gained a lot of experience was not right.

In their department, did they not have enough contact with the entertainment industry?

Moreover, Han Corporation itself was like a miniature model of the entertainment industry.

However, other colleagues could not think of this, but Lu Man could.

"I really can't believe that you were only just a mere assistant before." Wu Lize did not hide his surprise, satisfied with her plan he straight away decided to hire her. "I'm very happy that you are now part of the public relations department."

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