Chapter 161: This Voice Was So Enticing

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"Yes," Brother Zhang agreed with Sister Li. "Even I couldn't have thought of that."

"I can't either," Chen Shimian agreed too.

Sister Li glanced at Xia Mengxuan and Ye Xiaoxing and laughed. "To be honest, Mengxuan and Xiaoxing were trained by me. If this test was given to them, I know what concept they would have come up with, but it definitely wouldn't be better than what Lu Man has designed. Lu Man's proposal is really like a breath of fresh air. Something like this has never been presented before for publicity proposals until now."

It could be said that Sister Li's appraisal was really very good.

Meanwhile, stubbornness and unhappiness were written all over Ye Xiaoxing and Xia Mengxuan's faces, yet even if they were given a chance to speak, they really could not refute Sister Li.

Seeing that Lu Man was being praised, Han Zhuoli felt even more proud that his long body seemed to have straightened quite a bit more.

"Regarding Dai Yiran's behavior, the company will never tolerate something like that." Han Zhuoli looked at Dai Yiran coldly. "By this afternoon, I want you to submit your resignation letter on your own, if not the company will fire you."

Instantly, Dai Yiran's face turned beet red. She had never been so humiliated before!

She was full of hatred, her eyes having a murderous glint in them, staring daggers at Lu Man.

Lu Man had played her!

If not for Lu Man, she would not have been so humiliated!

This b*tch!

She made her lose her dignity in front of Han Zhuoli and so many other people.

Her current sense of humiliation was as strong as her previous smugness, sense of superiority, and despise towards Lu Man all this time.

Lu Man had intentionally humiliated her in front of Han Zhuoli!

As Dai Yiran thought about it her face suddenly paled. She looked pitifully at Han Zhuoli.

"Brother Han..." How could Han Zhouli not care or pity her at all, firing her without a word!

For whom did she come to Han Corporation for?

However, he treated her as if he did not know her at all.

Yet, in private, she had always been calling him Brother Han!

However, Han Zhuoli did not even spare a glance at her. He turned towards Lu Man and said, "Lu Man, come to my office and confirm the detailed plan with Du Lin."

Subsequently, Lu Man left with Han Zhuoli, leaving behind Dai Yiran whose lips were tightly pursed. Her mouth was all twisted because of the strength she was putting in.

Sister Li, Brother Zhang and the others just glanced at her before going back to their desks and resuming to do their work.

Earlier, they did not like Lu Man. However, after this matter with Dai Yiran, their perception of Lu Man changed.


Lu Man followed Han Zhuoli to the top floor. Ahead of her, Han Zhuoli pushed open the doors of his office, beckoning Lu Man to follow him in.

After Lu Man stepped in, she turned around and just as she was about to close the door Han Zhouli suddenly grabbed her, spun her around and pressed her against the door.

Before Lu Man could even react, Han Zhuoli started kissing her.

His thin and warm lips clung onto hers tightly, sucking, pressing and pushing her lips apart.

Before Lu Man could catch her breath, all the air in her lungs was sucked away by him.

She held onto his shoulders helplessly, and could only make soft noises with her nose in protest.

Yet, Han Zhuoli immediately pulled her thighs even closer. Her entire body could only rely on his support, making it impossible for her to escape.

"Han..." Barely a word managed to escape her lips before they were sealed shut by his once again. Her mouth felt hot and burning, his breath invading and possessing her mouth.

"Focus!" Han Zhuoli suddenly smacked her butt.

Lu Man: "!!!"

She blushed furiously. Where was this man hitting!

"Pat! Pat!" Lu Man's face was so red as if she was about to explode any second. Her butt felt as if it was on fire and heat coursing through her whole body.

"Did you miss me?" Han Zhuoli asked as he nibbled on her lips. His voice was extremely hoarse, but it wasn't unpleasant. Instead, it sounded like the low bass of a cello — slow, deep and thick.

This voice was so enticing that Lu Man felt as if her head was about to burst, her entire being shivered. "We did meet yesterday afternoon and night."

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