Chapter 73: Lu Hanli Woke Up

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Moreover, since she had not gone to the interview yet, she could end up not getting the job.

Even if she actually managed to get the job, it was a such a big company that Han Zhuoli would not be able to notice her.

Also, she really did not think that she had what it takes.

"Yes, the Han Corporation, it just happens that their public relations department is recruiting. I normally work with them a lot," Tang Zi said.

Usually, before some celebrity rumors are revealed to the public, the public relations department of their managing companies would contact Tang Zi to talk about the terms and conditions.

Sometimes when the public relations department would not be fast enough and he would have already released the news to the public, yet they still had to contact him.

Therefore, he was all too familiar with the public relations department of every company.

"I have a friendly relationship with the manager of the public relations department there, and I know they are currently hiring, so I have recommended you, but I can only help you till here, you'll have to rely on yourself for the rest, to see if you can get the job. But at least at the Han Corporation, your dad has no influence," Tang Zi said, "However, to help you increase your chances, I told them about what you did to trap Lu Qi. Anyway, it was originally your idea and based on your brains, you are will do well in public relations. I hope you don't mind that I told them that."

"It's nothing, you're anyway doing it for my own good. I was just a mere assistant in the past and I have no experience at all for these kinds of jobs, if it was not for you telling them such things, they probably would not even consider me as a candidate," Lu Man was not bothered.

"Rest assured, I have told the other party to not tell others about this incident. I won't comment on their other aspects, but they'll keep to their promises," Tang Zi said again.

"Actually, even if it's spread outside, it's not a problem," Lu Man did not care, "Anyway, I've already totally fallen out with them. Even if no one says anything, they'll still believe that I had done all of that.."

"Really..." Tang Zi was so furious that he just could not get over it, "No matter how much I curse at them, I still can't release my hatred!"

However, Lu Man did not pay any attention to that, "Right, when do I have to go for the interview?"

"It's tomorrow," Tang Zi said, "Nine in the morning, is that alright?"

"It's me who's begging people for a job now, I'm fine with anything," just as Lu Man finished saying that, Tang Zi's phone rang.

Tang Zi picked up the phone, and after saying 'hello?', he just stopped talking.

She did not know what the other person on the phone said, but Tang Zi's face got darker and darker.

"Alright, I know," saying that Tang Zi hung up the call, his voice full of hatred as he cursed, "Damn it!"

"What happened?" Lu Man had rarely seen Tang Zi this angry.

The eight times out of the ten times it was because she was getting bullied by Lu Qiyuan and the other two.

"Lu Hanli woke up some time back. I don't know what Lu Qiyuan told him, but when Lu Hanli saw the police, he insisted that it was an accident. He also said that he and Lu Qi did not use the casting couch, and he definitely does not plan on suing Lu Qi. Moreover, he did not want them to investigate this matter further, and since there was no evidence even the police could not do anything. This time, Lu Qi somehow managed to escape," Tang Zi said, full of hatred.

"As expected. With how much my dad dotes on Lu Qi, how could he let anything happen to her?" Lu Man could not help but laugh coldly, in this lifetime since Lu Qiyuan could save Lu Qi, it meant that in her past life if Lu Qiyuan wanted then he could have saved her.

Yet Lu Qiyuan did not and instead had his entire mind set on making her become Lu Qi's scapegoat.

Now, this was not just a question about bias anymore, it was just that he could not stand her living well, and wanted to force Lu Man to her death.

Ever since she had been reborn, she always thought she had long seen through Lu Qiyuan and understood him completely, but every time she actually thought that; he would do something to give her a new understanding of how heartless he was.

She had originally thought that he had been mistaken and really thought that she had been the one who had really harmed Lu Hanli, but in the end, his actions explicitly told her that he knew that she was being used as a scapegoat, yet he still wanted to sacrifice her just to protect Lu Qi.

Initially, she had thought that he had done it as it was his last resort to protect Lu Q, but now through his actions, she knew that he could protect Lu Qi without making her Lu Qi's scapegoat, thus, in her past life, he could have protected her too. However, it was just that he wanted to force Lu Man to her death!

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