Chapter 192: If You Really Think That Dai Yiran Is So Great, You Can Keep Her

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Housekeeper Wang kept silent for a moment, and said, "I'm getting old, my memory is failing me. The eldest young master hasn't visited for quite a while, I've even forgotten how he had looked like."

Han Dongping, "..."

Who the heck are you lying to?

Han Zhuoli, "..."

"Come in, Zhuoli. I just happen to have something to tell you too," Han Dongping's tone was not very pleasant.

Han Zhuoli lifted his eyebrows slightly. After the door opened, he walked in.

Housekeeper Wang went to the doorway and welcomed Han Zhuoli. After Han Zhuoli entered, he gave him a look that said he could only help him till there.

All this while, Han Dongping was unhappy. What was wrong with Dai Yiran? Not only the two elders did not like her, but Housekeeper Wang also did not have a good impression of her!

"Uncle," Han Zhuoli entered and greeted him monotonously.

"You fired Yiran?" Han Dongping questioned him directly.

"Brother Han," Dai Yiran stood up from the sofa and walked over.

Han Zhuoli had not expected that Dai Yiran would be present there too. Nonetheless, he did not even look at her and greeted the two elderly instead, "Grandpa, Grandma."

With Dai Yiran present there, Old Mrs. Han surprisingly did not chase Han Zhuoli away.

At this moment, she also would not raise the matter about him finding a girlfriend.

If he were to find someone like Dai Yiran, she would rather have him not find anyone at all.

Old Mrs. Han glanced at Han Dongping disgustingly. She honestly did not know how st*pid this son of hers was to even bring a girl like Dai Yiran to their house.

"Since the two elders are attending to guests today, I'll be heading off first," After Han Zhuoli spoke, he straightforwardly turned away.

"Wait, you're leaving right after meeting me?" Han Dongping called out to Han Zhuoli unhappily.

"I'm just saying that there are guests. Uncle, are you a guest?" Han Zhuoli asked him sarcastically.

"Hmph!" Old Mr. Han said unhappily, "He is glad to treat himself as an outsider. Just let him do what he wants!"

"Dad, what are you saying?" Han Dongping felt tremendously wronged.

"The truth!" Old Mrs. Han sipped her tea leisurely. "Your surname is Han but you gladly treat yourself as an outsider. While some people clearly have nothing to do with our family at all and yet they keep thinking that they are one of us. Hmph!"

Dai Yiran flushed red by Old Mrs. Han's harsh words. Reading between the lines of Old Mrs. Han's words, wasn't she talking about her?

"Mom, who are you talking about..." Han Dongping said resignedly.

He dared to speak to Han Zhuoli like he was a senior, but he did not dare to have a strong attitude when talking to Old Mr. and Mrs. Han.

"Who do you think I'm talking about?" Old Mrs. Han humphed, "My eldest grandson finally came back to visit after such a long time. It is clearly his own home, yet he was forced to have to leave reluctantly. What logic is this!"

"It was too presumptuous of me to come at this time," Dai Yiran felt so hurt that she was about to cry. "Old Master, Old Madam, Uncle, Auntie, I'll visit another day when the Old Master and Old Madam are free."

"There's no need too!" Han Dongping felt that it was embarrassing for him too. "You are a guest. Old Master and Old Madam would never chase a guest away, please don't misunderstand."

He was the one who brought her along, yet now she was getting chased away. The two elderly never respected this son of theirs and now they even did not care about his image to others.

Dai Yiran looked at the two elderly uncomfortably, and then at Han Zhuoli.

She hoped that they could say something.

"Zhuoli, what's wrong with Yiran for you to do this?" Han Dongping's voice was calm. He pulled Han Zhuoli over. "You have always been single, everyone in the family is anxious for you. Whenever we meet a good lady, obviously we want to introduce her to you. I genuinely think that Yiran is not bad and I just wanted to introduce her so that you two could get to know each other. But look at your attitude!"

"What's wrong with his attitude?" Han Zhuoli's father, Han Xijin just entered the living room while Han Zhuoli's mother, Shen Nuo was still changing her shoes at the doorway. "If you really think that Dai Yiran is so great, you can keep her for yourself."

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