Chapter 194: Never Allow Anybody from the Dai Family to Enter

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At the door, Dai Yiran insisted on leaving on her own. So, Han Dongping just saw her off to the car and returned to the old mansion.

"Xijin, how could you two say all of that right in front of Yiran?" Han Dongping lamented once he entered.

"Xijin and Shen Nuo were right. For the sake of the daughter of a mere secretary, you tried to sell off your nephew. Do you even treat yourself as a part of the Han Family? Just say so directly if you're not willing to, and go ahead and be a part of the Dai Family instead! I see that you are much more intimate and friendly with Dai Yiran, you seem more like a family with her," Old Mrs. Han's face darkened. She fumed. "Han Family doesn't need someone so selfish and ungrateful who only knows to side with outsiders!"

"I'm not..." Han Dongping said with a sigh of resignation. He did not expect that Old Mrs. Han's attitude would be so harsh and firm. "I'm just..."

"You're just what? You're trying to build a good relationship with Secretary Dai, for your own benefit? Then go and think of a way on your own, why are you trying to use Zhuoli!" Han Zhuoli scolded fiercely, "Since when does our family need to please and get on the good side of a secretary!"

Anger swelled up in Han Dongping. To be honest, the elderly obviously did not need to and neither did Han Xijin nor Han Zhuoli.

As they were going to inherit Han Corporation!

But he had nothing like that, he could only depend on himself.

"Mom, look at what you're saying, it's as if I had hurt Zhuoli or something. If he doesn't like her, then so be it, I didn't even force him. It's just that I honestly think that Dai Yiran is not bad, that's why I just wanted to introduce them so that they could get to know each other," Han Dongping changed the subject, "But Zhuoli, how could you fire Yiran? She was introduced by me."

"I allowed Dai Yiran to pull strings and get in through the backdoor to work at Han Corporation only because of you, Uncle," Han Zhuoli said calmly, "If not, the company would never accept with zero ability to pull any strings to enter the company. Even if this was the only time, it was still very difficult for me too, I only ask that you won't do this again, Uncle. I'll be candid here to get the unpleasantness out of the way first,, Uncle, no matter who you recommend in the future, they will all have to follow the standard procedure to apply for the job. As long as they are talented enough, and meet Han Corporation's expectations, we will gladly accept them. If not, that's it."

Han Dongping knew about Han Corporation's rules too, hence, when Han Zhuoli readily agreed to let Dai Yiran enter the company, Han Dongping also felt pretty honored. "Well then at least... you should have at least mention a word about it to me first!"

"Even if I had told you about it, it wouldn't change my decision of firing her. Her behavior was too vile, she can't be let off just because of any connections or relationships," Han Zhuoli sipped his tea and lazily glanced at Han Dongping, "Uncle definitely didn't know that Dai Yiran was actually such a person, right, if not, he wouldn't have recommended her to me."

"..." Han Dongping laughed dryly and said sheepishly, "Of course I didn't know. All along she had been behaving and performing pretty well in front of me, I didn't even know she had such a side to her."

Hearing that, Old Mr. Han scoffed. Perhaps Han Dongping had never even cared what type of person Dai Yiran was and only cared about the fact that she was Secretary Dai's daughter.

Even Old Mrs. Han laughed coldly. "Now that you know it, stop bringing Dai Yiran to our home so often. You've heard so too just now, she still hasn't given up. She still wants to depend on her father to come visit us again. If they contact you, just tell them that we won't allow anybody from the Dai Family to enter! It would be utterly disgusting to be involved with the likes of them."

"Mom, he's still Secretary Dai nonetheless, there's no need to be so ruthless." Han Dongping felt bitter. If he knew that this would happen, he wouldn't have brought Dai Yiran home. At least he could still take his time, instead of offending Secretary Dai.

Also since Secretary Dai was still young, it was hard to say how high up the corporate ladder he could climb.

Honestly, Han Dongping had faith in the development and future of Secretary Dai's career.

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