Chapter 82: She Can't Even Play the Role of a Tree

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"Mr Lu." Wu Lize coldly interrupted him, "I'm starting to suspect, is Lu Man really your own biological daughter?"

"Of course she is!" Lu Qiyuan said unhappily.

"Since she's your daughter, why would you speak ill of her like this?" Wu Lize found it unbelievable. "Could it be that you hope that she can't get a job? You even came to her company just to bad-mouth her."

Lu Qiyuan's face turned red. "Hmph, I just don't want you to be fooled by her. Yet you're so ungrateful!"

"This is my company! I don't need you here ordering my people around!" The door suddenly opened. Han Zhuoli fiercely strode in, his face was cold and rigid.

Moreover, when he had reached the door, he heard everything that Lu Qiyuan said through the door.

"President." Wu Lize quickly stood up.

Seeing Han Zhuoli, Lu Qiyuan's face immediately changed. He was respectful yet fearful of Han Zhouli at the same time and tried to please him. "Mr Han, nice to meet you. I'm Lu Qiyuan, this is my daughter—"

"I know. The one who slept with the director and hurt him. Lu Qi, right?" Han Zhuoli did not even spare them a glance.

Lu Qi's face blushed furiously. "No... that's all... all a misunderstanding. It's because of my older sister..."

"In front of me, stop trying to convince me with this rubbish. On the day when Lu Hanli was injured, I've clearly seen it all how the police dragged you away," Han Zhuoli said coldly.

Lu Qi's face immediately turned pale. How could she have forgotten! Han Zhuoli was there too that day!

And just like Lu Man, he was only clad in a towel!

Now that Lu Qiyuan had spoken badly of Lu Man, wouldn't Han Zhuoli...

"Mr Han, you don't know Lu Man—"

"Then I don't need to know it from you either." Han Zhuoli's eyes narrowed. "You cheated on your wife with her own younger sister, and after the divorce you married your sister-in-law, even forcing Lu Man to quit school to be Lu Qi's assistant. After Lu Qi injured Lu Hanli, you also forced Lu Man to take the blame for Lu Qi. Since Lu Man was unwilling, you planned to capture her at the hospital, intending to use your sickly ex-wife to blackmail Lu Man. However, your plan was foiled, so now you are trying to slander Lu Man."

"It's a misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding..." Sweat covered Lu Qiyuan's entire face.

At the side, Wu Lize was shocked hearing it. How could there be someone who was so ridiculous!

Moreover, he even had the cheek to say that it was just a misunderstanding!

How could he be her biological father! Even a step-father wouldn't behave this way!

"Mr Han, actually, I'm here today at your distinguished company to ask if there's any role that's suited for Lu Qi." Since he could not bad-mouth Lu Man any further, Lu Qiyuan quickly changed the topic.

Originally, he had an appointment with the manager of the production team. However, since the big boss of Han Media Company was here, why would he still bother finding someone else?

"Ha," Han Zhuoli laughed mockingly. Lu Man's father sure was an incredible man. "She wants to find a role here at Han Media Company? No way."

"This..." Lu Qiyuan was tongue-tied. Then, he said, "With Lu Qi's reputation, I'm not looking for a lead role for her either. It would even be more than enough if she could have the role of the second female lead. Besides, Lu Qi would bring funds into the production. Our Yi Lu Culture can invest a portion of the production and promotional fees."

"If it's a show produced by Han Media Company, there would be tons of people vying for the role of the second female lead. Besides, would I even need that little investment of yours?" Han Zhuoli hit the table furiously. "I'll say it clearly today. From now on, Lu Qi would not be part of any show produced by Han Media Company! Don't even talk about being a second female lead, she can't even play the role of a tree."

Lu Qiyuan's face instantly turned purple.

Han Zhuoli was too overboard!

"Are you going to leave on your own, or do you want me to get the security?" Han Zhuoli looked at them coldly.

No matter how shameless Lu Qiyuan was, he still believed that he was the head of a big company. Even if he could not compare to Han Zhuoli, he also should not continue being humiliated here.

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