Chapter 13: Lu Man, Why Are You Acting Crazy!

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Even Lu Qiyuan's face had been rubbed red by the luggage Lu Man had thrown.

Angered, Lu Qiyuan turned around and saw that Lu Man had already rushed over.

Lu Qiyuan was shocked. Why was Lu Man here?

He had totally forgotten that Lu Man was going to be released from prison that day, and assuming that Lu Man was heading towards him, he stood up.

However, no one could predict that Lu Man would suddenly turn around and head towards Lu Qi, raising her hand to give Lu Qi a brutal slap.

Lu Man's actions were too sudden that no one could react. Even He Zhengbai who was by Lu Qi's side could not react in time.

They had all thought that Lu Man was targeting Lu Qiyuan.

Yet she had suddenly headed towards Lu Qi instead.

Lu Qi having borne the brunt of Lu Man's slap almost collapsed on the ground from the impact of the slap.

He Zhengbai looked fierce and hurriedly held onto Lu Qi, "Lu Man, why are you acting crazy!"

However, Lu Man did not even spare him a look and grabbed Lu Qi's carefully maintained long hair pulling Lu Qi towards her.

If Lu Man had to say what she had learned from her years in prison, it would be how to fight.

In the prison, when the women fought, although it looked unglamorous, each hit was made at places that would hurt the most.

Because the prison was full of women, they were especially clear on how to deal with women, and how to put the other woman in so much pain that they could not resist.

That fierceness was something even the most vicious marketplace shrew could not imitate.

Soon there were the sounds of Lu Qi's crying and screaming, making He Zhengbai and Lu Qiyuan curse at her.

Suddenly Lu Man's hair was grabbed by someone from the back, and pulled hard in the opposite direction, making her scalp hurt badly, as if both her hair and her scalp were going to be pulled off.

"Let go of your sister!" Lu Qiyuan ordered Lu Man as he pulled on her hair.

Lu Man found out that it was Lu Qiyuan who was pulling on her hair, and he was pulling at it so viciously as if he wanted to pull her scalp off as well.

Lu Man started laughing uncontrollably, sounding crazier and crazier as she laughed.

This was her father!

Yet for his other biological daughter, he did not care at all whether she lived or died.

If murder was not a crime, he would probably kill her for Lu Qi and not even blink an eye.

Earlier, she had often felt confused over the multiple incidents of unfairness. Because even though she was the biological daughter of her father, he had constantly wronged her, as if she was the one who was the outsider lodging with the Lu Family.

She had once thought that it was because of Xia Qingyang.

After all, Lu Qiyuan loved everything Xia Qingyang stood for and it was because of her that he valued Lu Qi more than Lu Man.

It was only now that she knew that both of them, Lu Qi and her, were Lu Qiyuan's biological daughter, but he simply favored one more.

As of now, her scalp was in tremendous pain feeling like it would split any second.

This man was her father.

Subsequently, her heart totally went cold and she no longer resisted, letting Lu Qiyuan pull her away.

She felt as though she had become numb and no longer cared about how much injuries she had suffered.


However, since Lu Qiyuan had hurt her, she'll harm Lu Qi even more!

"Lu Qi if you have something against me, you can take it out on me, but why did you go and find my mother! Why did you anger her to death! I don't care that you stole my boyfriend, this kind of b*stard, if you like him you can have him. Since if it wasn't for you, I would never have seen his true self."

He Zhengbai, who was still standing at the side wanted to save Lu Qi, and his face contorted upon hearing Lu Man's words.

"But you caused me to go to jail, even though you were the one who had harmed the director, but you made me your scapegoat. You have ruined my whole life, but why did you still want to harm my mother! What right did you have? She didn't owe you anything, nor do I owe you anything. However, it is you who is insatiable, forcing us again and again. What right do you have? You know that my mother is sickly, so why did you still provoke her? You animal, she was your aunt, your blood-related aunt!"

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