Chapter 112: I Also Want to Apply and Participate in the Test with Lu Man

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"How come this has something to do with Zheng Tianming?" Sister Li was shocked,

"Don't you know who is Zheng Tianming, he's our CEO's special assistant. Although you cannot exaggerate and say that he is the second-in-command, he has even more power than the General Manager."

"It can't be that Lu Man is that impressive right? She just came for one day, and let's not talk about Manager Wu, but she even managed to seduce Zheng Tianming?" Xia Mengxuan was speechless.

"She and Zheng Tianming?" Dai Yiran was shocked, and then gave a cold sneer, "No wonder."

"No wonder what?" Hearing Dai Yiran, few people around her quickly asked the same question

"No wonder her temper is so impressive, she probably feels that someone is backing her," Dai Yiran smiled, "Just now when Uncle Han brought me to Big Brother Han's office, I just happened to see her in Big Brother Han's office. You all know that Big Brother Han doesn't allow people to casually enter his office when he isn't there. Of course, Lu Man was so arrogant because it must have been that Zheng Tianming who had brought her in. No wonder after Big Brother Han finished his meeting, Zheng Tianming was helping her so much."

Even now Dai Yiran still thought that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had no relation at all.

It was just that Dai Yiran was unwilling to believe what she saw, who was Lu Man, how could Han Zhuoli like her?

How could Lu Man be qualified!

How could she lose to Lu Man!

That was something she had not been able to understand all this time, and thus it was a question she refused to admit existed.

Now that she heard Ye Xiaoxing's words, Dai Yiran felt that everything had been explained.

Then just now, when Han Zhuoli had brought Lu Man into his office, it was really for official reasons, and it might have been to give his competent subordinate, Zheng Tianming, some face.

Ye Xiaoxing smiled, immediately trying to curry favor, "She doesn't know that she has made a rod for her own back. She is thinking that she is someone great just because she has the backing of the CEO's special assistant, but she doesn't even know your identity."

"Haha," Dai Yiran did not hide her pride and gave a small smile, "I won't lower myself to the same level as her, sooner or later there will come a time where she will suffer severe losses."

However, Lu Man just grimaced upon listening to what Dai Yiran said and quietly returned to her own seat.

It was only then that everyone finally realized that Lu Man had returned and all of them quickly shut their mouths and stopped talking.

Not long after, Lu Man saw Manager Wu coming from outside and thought, no wonder they dared to gather and chat just now.

Quickly Dai Yiran stood up and walked towards Wu Lize, "Manager Wu, hello, I'm Dai Yiran, I'll be starting work at the Public Relations Department from today."

Seeing her, Wu Lize was not surprised as he had been informed by Zheng Tianming just now.

"Hello, welcome," Wu Lize greeted her with a handshake, "I saw your CV, you are a graduate from B University, that's quite good."

Actually, although B University was the top institution in the country, she had only graduated from an undergraduate course which was nothing special in the Han Corporation.

It was only because of Dai Yiran's background that everyone was giving her face.

"Manager Wu, I just heard that Lu Man had an exception, that the company decided to let her complete a planning scheme by herself as an internship test. If she passes the test, then she does not need to go through the trial period, right?" Dai Yiran asked, especially confident.

"It is true," Wu Lize openly admitted as it was not anything shady.

Furthermore, even though the opportunity sounded very good, as if giving Lu Man special treatment that was only because they did not know the requirements of Du Lin's project, otherwise, they would know how tough this kind of test was.

However, the rest of the colleagues did not think that way.

Thus, upon hearing Wu Lize admit it himself, everyone's facial expression suddenly changed to that of displeasure.

No matter how sure Ye Xiaoxing was when she said that, all of them still felt in their heart that it was impossible because the company had never done such a thing before.

Yet they had not thought that the company really gave special treatment to Lu Man!

"I'm also a new employee, and similar to other new hires of Han Corporation, I also have to pass the trial period before becoming an official employee. So I would also like to apply and participate in the test with Lu Man," Dai Yiran said confidently.

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