Chapter 34: Lu Qiyuan Had Brought Some Men

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"Right, right, right." Xia Qingwei agreed. "Mom will definitely try to get well soon so that I can get discharged and cook something nice for you."

A child without a mother is unloved.

Even though she was poor, she was still full of love for Lu Man.

She would do everything in her power to love Lu Man.

However, her weak and frail body was unable to support Lu Man, causing her to suffer in the Lu family.

Thinking about money, Xia Qingwei heart sank. She was a little distressed.

At least for the sake of money, she had to get discharged as soon as possible.

As it was not a small sum to stay in the hospital and Lu Man was already under too much stress.

"Man Man," Xia Qingwei said, "Once I'm discharged, move back to the home and live with me."

Surprised, Lu Man looked at her and tears started to well up in her eyes and even a lump began to rise in her throat. She nodded earnestly. "Alright," she replied.

"Even if you didn't mention it, I was also planning to move in and live with you after you're discharged. I will be worried if you were all alone."

Xia Qingwei smiled and nodded. She really owed this child too much.

Moreover, back then, after she had divorced Lu Qiyuan, she did not let Lu Man move out of the house as she was afraid that Lu Man would suffer together with her. She thought that all of it was for the sake of Lu Man.

After all, after getting divorced, she had nothing. She had to find a job and source of her own income.

Besides, she had been a stay-at-home housewife for the past 10 odd years. How would she be able to compete with the rest of society in this new day and age and find a job? She only knew how to handle household affairs. Hence she felt that she would not be able to raise and care for Lu Man properly.

Also if Lu Man lived with her, she might even have to starve.

If not, why would a mother bear to separate from her child and let her live with her step-mother?

She recalled believing that no matter how heartless Lu Qiyuan was when he had turned against her, he would still never ill-treat Lu Man who was his own flesh and blood.

However, she never anticipated Lu Qiyuan to be a complete bastard. For the sake of Xia Qingwei's daughter, he had bullied Lu Man this much.

Yet when she wanted to bring Lu Man back to her side, she started having serious heart problems and had to be hospitalized.

However, now looking back on it, it would have better if Lu Man had stayed with her instead of living with the Lu family.

She knew that Lu Man was not afraid of suffering. But if Lu Man had lived with her, at least she would have been happier.

All along, she was wrong.

Furthermore, now as she looked at how elated and ecstatic Lu Man was right now, Xia Qingwei regretted her choice even more. She regretted not asking Lu Man to stay with her right from the very start.

By the time Auntie Chai finished drinking her soup, Lu Man also wanted to serve her husband, Wu Zhiguo, a bowl of soup. However, Wu Zhiguo quickly refused. He said, "Never mind that this thick-skinned wife of mine wanted some soup, but as a healthy person, I shouldn't fight with a patient for soup. It's alright, you should leave the soup for Xiao Xia instead."

"Usually, I can't be here all day. It's all thanks to you and Auntie Chai who have looked after my mother all this time. A bowl of fish soup could barely compare to that," Lu Man said.

"They both stay in the same hospital room together. It's not a big deal," Wu Zhiguo said sheepishly.

"It's fate that they are both staying in the same hospital room. We're very fortunate too. Both you and Auntie Chai are so friendly and helpful. If it were someone else, who was more selfish, they would not even bother and I won't be able to do anything about it either." Lu Man directly took the clean bowl from Wu Zhiguo's hands and poured him a bowl of soup. "That's why there's no need to be so polite. I really don't know how else to express my gratitude. This small bowl of fish soup means nothing."

"That's right. Try some, Brother Wu. I'm not boasting, but my dear daughter's cooking skills are top-notch. Even head chefs in restaurants can barely compare to her," Xia Qingwei said, smiling.

Wu Zhiguo shyly took the bowl from her and drank some soup. He praised her. "Wow, it is indeed really delicious. No one in my family has prepared such delicious soup before."

"You! You'll always remember to find some way to insult me," Auntie Chai said unhappily.

Afterwards, Lu Man went to wash the bowl. Upon returning, she poured herself a bowl of soup and ate breakfast together with Xia Qingwei.

After that, she left the room to wash up the containers and cutlery. However, on her way back to the room, she passed by the window and saw Lu Qiyuan downstairs. He had brought some men along with him and they ran hurriedly into the hospital.

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