Chapter 164: Standing on Her Tiptoes, She Pecked Han Zhuoli on the Chin

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It did not matter if Du Lin was the nephew of one of the shareholders or not, Lu Man would always be his first priority.

"Shall we head to the meeting room for discussion?" Lu Man was afraid that she would disturb Han Zhuoli's work.

"There's no need to. I've nothing that I need to do, so you can just discuss here," Han Zhuoli said.

"Heh," Du Lin snickered, "Aiyo, Brother Han, you're actually afraid that I'll bully little sister-in-law?"

"No, actually. You can't bully her, she's tough," Han Zhuoli's cocky expression was about to be fixed on his face permanently.

The corner of Du Lin's mouth quirked up a little. Who knew that Han Zhuoli would look like this when in love.

"Alright, we'll discuss here then." Du Lin did not mind discussing there.

"For now, I'll put aside the matter regarding the plan as that's something for the long-run. We'll first discuss the plan for tonight's charity night. Since you will need to give an interview to the media tonight, I've thoughtfully designed a few questions in advance that some reporters might ask you. Now, I'll ask you those questions, and we can discuss what's the best way to reply. If any of my questions happens to make you feel uncomfortable, please don't be offended," Lu Man said.

"Go ahead and ask. I understand. This is to simulate what questions the reporters might ask." Du Lin was reasonable.

Therefore, Lu Man asked a couple of questions.

They included questions about Du Lin's ex-wife, his current wife, whether she was a really third-party back then, the current status of his wife now, and many such other questions.

Even though Du Lin was mentally prepared, he was still sweating because of her questions, "Little sister-in-law, some of your questions are too harsh. The reporters won't even have such a craft or difficult approach as yours."

Seeing that he wasn't angry or offended, Lu Man smiled and explained. "The questions those reporters will you won't be much far from these. Regardless of what words they use, the crux of the content wouldn't change. Just now, the way you answered some of the questions wasn't really very appropriate. But now listen to my replies and reconsider your answers."

Du Lin listened attentively to Lu Man's answers. With a smack on his thigh, he said, "Your reply much better than mine. It's a deal then, I'll remember your replies."

Lu Man nodded. She didn't expect that Du Lin's personality would be like this in private. It was quite easy to get along with him. "In case a reporter asks you a question that I didn't cover, just brush pass him. Since there are so many reporters, you can't possibly answer every single one of their questions."

Du Lin nodded and agreed.

"You're done with your discussion right? If you're done, leave quickly." Han Zhuoli was chasing him away. He did not want Du Lin to take up the time his time with Lu Man.

"..." The corner of Du Lin's lips twitched upwards. He lifted his hand and glanced at his watch, "Sure, I have to go and prepare myself for tonight, get my hair, clothes, and make-up done too. I'll be going off first then."

Han Zhuoli waved his hand, chasing him to leave quickly.

The despised Du Lin, "..."

After Du Lin left, Lu Man stood up as well. "I should head back to do my work too."

"Hold on," Han Zhuoli pulled her over. From his closet, he took out an exquisite-looking paper bag. There was no logo on it, but the fade lines on the paper bag were holographic, changing colors and reflecting the light as the angle of view changed.

With such an exquisite exterior, the item in the bag would not be ordinary.

"This dress has been prepared for you for tonight's event," Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man did not think that Han Zhuoli would be so meticulous and thoughtful. She herself had forgotten about needing a dress suitable for tonight's event.

Gleefully taking the bag in her hands, Lu Man stood on her tiptoes and pecked him on his chin. "This is to reward you. I'll be leaving now."

Even after Lu Man had walked out of the door, Han Zhuoli kept touching his chin, grinning stupidly


Carrying the bag, Lu Man thought about what had just happened and touched her lips unconsciously.

Han Zhuoli's breath still lingered on her lips, dominating and cold. Even now her lips felt numb.

When the images of what happened in his office flashed across her mind, the corner of her lips curled upwards sweetly.

As she reached the entrance of the public relations department, Lu Man took in a deep breath and forced herself to hide her sweet smile.

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