Chapter 149: Help Me to Keep an Eye out, Don't Let Others Notice.

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It would be impossible for Lu Man to survive this!

"Will this... this affect the other computers? The office's computers are all connected over the network, if other computers get affected too, then the damage would be too great." Once Ye Xiaoxing knew about Dai Yiran's plan, she was a little taken aback in fear.

This matter was too serious, it would be terrible if they were caught.

Since Dai Yiran had her big shots supporting her so she would be fine, but as for Ye Xiaoxing, she would be dead.

And by that time, no one would be able to save her.

Dai Yiran pulled a face and spoke unpleasantly. "Why are you so cowardly? Why would it affect other computers? I've spent a huge sum to hire a famous hacker to make this specifically for me such that, it will only affect Lu Man's computer. Once Lu Man switches on her computer, everything inside will be destroyed, what else could it affect?"

"Is that so." Ye Xiaoxing still felt rather uneasy and afraid.

However, Dai Yiran still waved the pen drive in her face, "You, go, plug this into the back of Lu Man's computer CPU."

The office computer's CPU had two USB ports at the front, and another two hidden at the back. If they plugged it in at the back, Lu Man would surely not notice it.

"Why am I the one who has to do it?" Ye Xiaoxing hurriedly took a big step back. "It would be fine if you were the one to do it, right? There's no one else in the office right now, I... I'll just help you keep a lookout."

Right after that, Ye Xiaoxing turned around and sprinted towards the door.

However, Dai Yiran immediately stretched her hand and grabbed Ye Xiaoxing back. She smiled coldly at Ye Xiaoxing's flustered face. "Ye Xiaoxing, you and I are both in the same boat right now. Do you think that having me plug in the pen drive while you keep your hands out of it by just watching from the sidelines, you can get yourself away from this? As if you had nothing to do with it too? If anything were to happen, even if you were just keeping a lookout for me, you'd still be considered as an accomplice."

Ye Xiaoxing anxiously got out of Dai Yiran's grip. "You... how could you do this? To think that I treated you as a friend!"

"Friend?" Dai Yiran scoffed. "Aren't you just sucking up to me, thinking of taking some advantage of me and gain some benefit out of this? Why are you even pretending? You know it, and I know it too, we're both just not speaking it out loud even though we both know the obvious truth, that's all. At a time like this, don't spout all these useless words."

Ye Xiaoxing's face blushed furiously. She had never expected Dai Yiran to treat her very genuinely or sincerely.

However, for her to say all these hurtful words so straightforwardly, Ye Xiaoxing felt as if her face was ruthlessly peeled away by Dai Yiran, thrown onto the ground and trampled on.

"Fine, you don't have to feel embarrassed." Dai Yiran said impatiently, "Take this and insert the pen drive into the CPU of Lu Man's computer. That way, both of us would be stuck in this together. I'll not be afraid of you ratting me out, and likewise, you don't have to worry about me doing the same either. The two of us are bound together."

"I... I won't do it!" Ye Xiaoxing shook her head vigorously. If they were to get caught, she would be finished.

"Even if you don't want to it, you still have to! If not I'll tell the others that you were the one who did it!" Dai Yiran's features suddenly turned frightening.

Dai Yiran forced the pen drive into Ye Xiaoxing's hands. "Weren't you sucking up to me earlier, trying to get some benefit from me? Now is the time for you to prove your worth. Insert this into Lu Man's computer CPU and you are one of us. If anything happens, I can protect you. If not, you're finished now!"

Ye Xiaoxing was honestly filled with regret right now.

If she knew this would happen, she would not have sucked up to Dai Yiran no matter what and would have definitely kept her distance.

"You have to keep your word!" Ye Xiaoxing felt angered and wronged, her eyes were all red.

"Of course."

Then, Ye Xiaoxing took the pen drive and walked to Lu Man's desk. "Help me by keeping an eye out for anyone coming towards the office, don't let others notice us."

Dai Yiran pursed her lips. She walked to the door, took a look, turned around and said, "There's no one, hurry up."

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