Chapter 131: Meeting Han Zhuoli

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"The two of them do not deserve and are not worthy for you to be this affected by them." Xia Qingwei kept a close eye on Lu Man. "I don't want you to be so affected by them that you become scared to trust anyone and even more scared to fully invest in a relationship. Man Man, it's not for me, but it's for yourself, you should let yourself live more carefreely and enjoy it wholly. If the right man appears, don't miss it because you are scared. Even if the man you meet isn't the right one and is also a horrible man, could he be as horrible as Lu Qiyuan and He Zhengbai?"

"Man Man, I have always known that you are a brave child. Why is it that when it comes to this kind of thing, you retreat? The most unworthy thing would be to miss your own happiness and cause someone who cares about you to be sad just because of those two people."

Xia Qingwei patted her shoulder, "I'm not forcing you, what you said before has logic, you're still young. It's because all along, you've been too independent, and you always take the burden on your shoulders. Moreover, since you started working early that I completely forgot that you're actually only 22. You can not be anxious over relationship issues, but that's provided that you haven't met anyone you like. If you have met someone you like, don't be scared to try just because of Lu Qiyuan and He Zhengbai, don't miss out on your own happiness. The more scum they are, the more you can't give up on your own happiness, because they aren't worth it. Why is it that they are the ones who did the wrong things, but it's you who is suffering the consequences? That's not right."

"I'm not forcing you, I just want you to properly consider everything and not make life hard for yourself."

"Mom," Listening to Xia Qingwei's affection and care for her, the rims of Lu Man's eyes reddened and she hugged Xia Qingwei tightly.

In the past life, she did not ever have the opportunity to have a proper heart-to-heart talk with Xia Qingwei like now.

Moreover, in the past life, she did not even have someone to have a heart-to-heart talk with.

This was because Xia Qingwei's health was not good and she did not dare to make her feel upset.

Every day she worked hard to help Xia Qingwei get treated, and Lu Qi did not give her an opportunity to take a break at all.

Her stress levels were so high that she could not sleep well and even became a little depressed, but she still had no one to talk to about it.

Moreover, later on, she went to prison and since then she had never met her mother.

So far in this lifetime, although there were a lot of things she wanted to share with Xia Qingwei, she could not as it was inconvenient to say those in front of Auntie Chai and Wu Zhiguo as they were sharing the hospital room with Xia Qingwei. Furthermore, she did not want to make Xia Qingwei worry and make her sickness worse.

Now that Xia Qingwei's health was getting better and better, and there was no one else in the hospital room, this was the first time in two generations that she could have a heart-to-heart talk with Xia Qingwei. Thus even Xia Qingwei actually felt a bit confused as to what to do.

"Mom is here." Xia Qingwei did not say anything else and just patted her head again and again.

"I know, Han Zhuoli is very outstanding, and it is really not easy to not like this kind of man. But I'm really scared that if I couldn't even keep He Zhengbai then what about Han Zhuoli? I'll work hard to take that step and to let myself have a better life. But I feel that there is no need for the man to be that outstanding, and our disparity does not need to be so huge. We would work hard together to live day by day, even if we have to be tired out and worried about life, it's still alright, at least there would not be so many temptations."

Xia Qingyang sighed. "A man's heart not being with you has nothing to do with whether he's good looking or not, or how much ability he has. If he can't resist temptation, that's because he lacks self-control and it means that his morals are lacking. When I had married to Lu Qiyuan in the past, he had nothing, but didn't he still let me down? Man Man, when you look at a man, you must look at his heart. It is not that everyone is like Lu Qiyuan and He Zhengbai I can only say that our luck was not good for both of us, mother and daughter pair to meet those assh*les, but that does not mean your luck would always be bad, alright? Look at me, even though I am now divorced and it looks like my life is not as good as Xia Qingyang, I am living happily. I have you and now my health is taking a turn for the better, my life is becoming better and better. And you, you have met Han Zhuoli."

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