Chapter 69: Can't Wait for You to Go to Jail!

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"That 100,000 yuan was to save someone's life, you were trying to kill her. Xia Qingyang, say something!"

"Don't come over! Don't touch me! Stay away from me!" Xia Qingyang's hair was so messy, right now she looked like a crazy person. "I did not do it! It's all Lu Man! She's trying to frame me! Save me, Qiyuan, save me! Quick! Chase them away!"

However, Lu Qiyuan had finally managed to hide in the car. The reporters outside were all aggressive and scary as if they were a bunch of zombies. He dared not go out at all, afraid that he would end up just like Xia Qingyang.

If Lu Man was around right now, she would not find it strange.

Because, all along, other than himself, Lu Qiyuan loved no one else.

Even Lu Qi was in the car too. She was pressed onto the window, biting onto her lip, yet she did not have the courage to go out.

She could only look helplessly as the reporters surrounded Xia Qingyang and furiously took several photos of her. Xia Qingyang's helpless and miserable appearance made her like a beggar on the street.

Once the reporters finished taking enough pictures, having nothing else to capture, Tang Zi said, "Let's go, there's nothing else to take pictures of."

Hence, the crowd of reporters dispersed immediately.

Only then did Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi open the door and got off the car. They saw Xia Qingyang's pathetically sprawled on the floor and crying.

Her oily hair stuck onto her face messily. When she looked up, they saw a bruise on her forehead from having being hit onto the camera.

Lu Qiyuan held back his disgust and helped Xia Qingyang up and get into the car. Then, he took out a wet wipe clean his hands before he driving them back home.

Once they entered the house, Lu Qiyuan barely wanted to look at Xia Qingyang's face.

Right now she looked like a beggar a street, different from the beautiful wife he usually saw, who was always as pretty as a flower.

Xia Qingyang quickly took a shower and brushed up. After slathering on many layers of moisturizing creams and anti-aging products, as well as putting on make-up, she became the beautiful flower that she had always looked like once again. Only then, Lu Qiyuan's face was less sour.

However, his heart still felt a little uncomfortable.

That day, in the hospital, he had seen the sickly Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei was barefaced and had not put on any make-up. Even though her face was as pale because of her illness, her face was still soft and dewy. Moreover, even without any make-up, she still looked heart-rending, unlike Xia Qingyang who looked like a terrifying ghost without make-up.

Moreover, Xia Qingwei's life after the divorce was clearly not very good. She was not as pampered as Xia Qingwei, and she was older than Xia Qingyang too.

So, why did Xia Qingyang look much older than Xia Qingwei?

However, Xia Qingyang was oblivious to Lu Qiyuan's thoughts and pitifully said, "When I was in the police station, I finally understood everything. That thief did indeed try to break into their house and did almost stole their money. Lu Man coincidentally caught him red-handed when she went home, and hence she did not lose any money. But why did the thief say that I was the one who had ordered him to do it?"

"Could it be Elder Sister?" Just as Lu Qi said it, she immediately covered her mouth and shook her head. "No, why would Elder Sister frame Mom? She... she isn't so bad."

Xia Qingyang quickly got the hint and started wiping her tears. "I know that Lu Man has always hated me. Even when she still lived with us, she never treated me as her step-mom. But how could she frame me like this too?"

"Mom, it might not be Elder Sister who did it," Lu Qi shook her head and said.

"Yes, it might not be, all of it must be a coincidence. It was a coincidence that a thief broke into her house to steal something, and was caught, and also said that someone had ordered him to do so. It was a coincidence too that the thief insisted that I was the one who had ordered him. Haha, this is all just a coincidence."

As Lu Qiyuan listened, his expression turned darker. "Qi Qi, stop trying to explain for that stupid child! You keep trying to help her but she has never treated you as a younger sister. She can't wait for you to go to jail! I think that all this was definitely her doing!"

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