Chapter 133: If You Know It's Inappropriate, Then You Can Come Up Yourself

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Seeing Han Zhuoli's name on the screen, she quickly picked up the call with a guilty conscience, thinking that she should definitely change his contact name to something else.

"Why are you still not up here yet?" As soon as Lu Man picked up the phone, she heard Han Zhuoli asking.

Lu Man noticed that Dai Yiran and Ye Xiaoxing for some reason were not walking anymore, and it just happened that Xia Mengxuan also went up to them, "Yiran, Xiaoxing, are you both going to eat? Let's go together."

The two of them were rushing to curry favor with Dai Yiran.

Lu Man turned her back to them, softly asking, "Where?"

"Are you acting dumb with me?" Han Zhuoli made a 'tsk' sound, "Didn't I ask you yesterday what you wanted to eat this morning? Even though you did not say anything, I went with your food preferences and ordered a meal, now come up quickly to my office for lunch."

"I'm not coming," Lu Man said while looking at the stack of documents on her table from the corner of her eyes. She had planned to call for some simple and less troublesome takeaway and sort out these documents as she ate.

Most importantly, after listening to Xia Qingwei's words last night, she was really carefully considering her relationship with Han Zhuoli.

She was contemplating whether she should take that step.

However, she was yet to finish thinking it through, and so did not want to see anything concerning Han Zhuoli, as her heart would be feel conflicted once she sees it.

"Ha," Han Zhuoli laughed softly, "It's alright if you don't come over, I'll directly come to the Public Relations Department to get you."

Lu Man: "..."

"Right now there must be quite a few people in your department who still haven't left right?" Han Zhuoli's long fingers slowly tapped against the table, "I don't know if it's appropriate or not for me come over right now?"

"Of course it's not appropriate!" Lu Man was so angered by Han Zhuoli that her whole forehead was completely scrunched up.

Even if the Public Relations Department had no one, the other departments still had a lot of people.

Seeing him especially coming over to find her, the rumors would be very horrible.

She was not scared of people finding trouble for her, but she also did not want to find trouble when there was no trouble at all.

"If you know it's inappropriate, then you can come up yourself." Through the phone, Han Zhuoli felt like he was already seeing that little fox getting extremely angry and frustrated, that his smile radiated from his eyes uncontrollably.

"Alright," Lu Man hung up and closed the document.

Dai Yiran and the other two saw that there was nothing interesting and thus left first.

When Lu Man reached the top floor, she did not expect that Zheng Tianming would be there as well.

Seeing her, he quickly went up to her, "Lu Man, I'm really sorry for what happened yesterday, it was all because I did not settle the matter well."

However, Lu Man really did not blame Zheng Tianming, "It really has nothing to do with you. You had already said it very clearly yesterday, yet it's just that some people agree outwardly but act in the opposite way."

"The CEO is waiting for you now," Zheng Tianming's smile spread even wider, "Don't worry, everyone on this level has already gone to eat, no one will see."

Lu Man: "..."

Looking at how he spoke, it was as if she was having a secret affair with Han Zhouli.

Lu Man cleared her throat awkwardly, and under Zheng Tianming gaze, she knocked Han Zhuoli's office door.

"Come in," Han Zhuoli's voice sounded from inside the room.

Lu Man took a deep breath before pushing the door open and entering Han Zhouli's office.

It was different from what she had imagined, instead of sitting on the sofa waiting for her, Han Zhouli was sitting at his office table and working.

When he had called her just now, he acted like he was very free.

Initially he had thought it was Zheng Tianming, however when Han Zhouli raised his head as there was no sound even after the other party pushed open the door, he found out it was Lu Man and instantly smiled, "You can just directly push open the door and enter, why are you knocking the door?"

After Lu Man walked in and closed the door, she saw that the takeaway was already set up on the coffee table to eat.

"It just arrived, eat it while it's hot," Han Zhuoli pointed at the coffee table and then continued to busy himself with his own work.

"You're not eating?" Lu Man sat and asked him while opening the takeaway boxes one by one.

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