Chapter 125: "Why Did You Kick Me?" Han Zhuoli Asked Innocently

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"Oh right, I asked the doctor today. He told me that I can be discharged this Saturday." Xia Qingwei was elated. Finally, there was no need for Lu Man to rush between the hospital and home all the time.

Han Zhuoli seized the chance and said, "I'll come to fetch you on Saturday."

"We couldn't possibly." Xia Qingwei quickly waved her hand.

"It's nothing. I'm free that day, and Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui could help out too," Han Zhuoli said gently.

It was at that moment that Xia Qingwei recalled that Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui were sent by him.

Even if it would trouble Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui, it was also thanks to Han Zhuoli's help.

Xia Qingwei smiled and agreed. "Well then, that afternoon you have to stay and have a meal with us at home."

"Definitely." Han Zhuoli's eyes glinted. He had successfully managed to get invited to Lu Man's home.

"Right, it was Lu Man's first day at work today. How was it? Did she do well?" Xia Qingwei asked smilingly.

"Mom, how would he know." Lu Man was so many positions below his.

"Why wouldn't I know? Since I've found out that you've entered my company, I've always been observing you." Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows at Lu Man and then, turned around towards Xia Qingwei and said, "You don't have to worry. Lu Man is talented. Besides, with me around, I'd give her some opportunities too."

"I'm extremely relieved with you around," Xia Qingwei said smiling broadly.

After a while, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui brought in the dinner prepared by Sheng Yue.

Lu Man was surprised to find out that it was all her favorite food.

She could not help but take a glance at Han Zhuoli.

This was all a coincidence, right?

They both had only eaten together once this afternoon. How could he have known her taste?

Yet, just when she had that thought, Han Zhuoli picked up a piece of juicy duck's blood with his chopsticks and passed it to her. "You like this, right?"

Lu Man was shocked and paused. "How do you know?"

"Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui told me." Han Zhuoli threw both of them under the bus without a thought.

Zhou Cheng: "..."

Xu Hui: "..."

Lu Man finally understood and came to a realization. So that was why in the past both Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui had taken turns to ask her what she liked without her figuring it out.

Previously when she was in the hospital with Xia Qingwei and all of them eating together, Xu Hui and Zhou Cheng would nonchalantly ask her about it while they were chatting. However, back then she had not put much thought into it.

It turned out that there were helping Han Zhuoli get information.

"What do you feel like eating tomorrow afternoon?" Han Zhuoli asked while passing her another piece of the cow's stomach.

That too right in front of Xia Qingwei too! She would definitely misunderstand!

Lu Man quietly kicked him under the table.

"Why did you kick me?" Han Zhuoli asked innocently.

Lu Man: "..."

This man was definitely doing this on purpose!

Lu Man was furious. She covered her face with a hand, and when Xia Qingwei was not looking at them she glared at Han Zhuoli.

However, Han Zhuoli appeared to be oblivious of that and picked up another piece of water bamboo for her. "Just come straight to my office and wait for me there tomorrow afternoon."

Thankfully this time, Han Zhuoli spoke quietly and Xia Qingwei could not hear him clearly.

Yet, whispering to each other they appeared even more intimate and flirtatious.

If she had known that this would happen, she would have much rather ate outside with him before coming. It would have been much better than having Xia Qingwei watching them right now.

All this time, Lu Man was under too much stress due to this meal. She felt like her food would not be digested well.

Perhaps Han Zhuoli felt that it would not be good to go too overboard, and stress Lu Man out too much, in case she got angry instead.

Therefore, soon after they finished eating, he said goodbye and left.

"Man Man, you should send Xiao Han off," Xia Qingwei insisted.

Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoli and said to Xia Qingwei, "Then I'll go send him off. I'll be back soon."

Xia Qingwei smiled and nodded. Lu Man followed Han Zhuoli out.

It was already around 9 p.m., but there were still many people in the hospital.

Moreover, the hospital was still brightly lit and filled with people. There were people visiting patients and people going to the clinics.

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