Chapter 181: Even You Can Find A Girlfriend? You Can't!

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"Who asked you to come and be the third wheel?" Han Zhuoli glared harshly at Nan Jingheng.

However, Nan Jingheng, the ultra mega third wheel was unaware that he was taking Han Zhouli's time with Lu Man. He took out his cellphone and opened WeChat, and then said, "Sister-in-law, add me as a friend."

Lu Man: "..."

She had already heard of Nan Jingheng, a big name in media, but she did not expect him to be like this in person.

She then took a look at Han Zhuoli who just smiled and said, "Add him, just ignore him normally."

"Look at what you are saying, I'm someone who has a girlfriend," Nan Jingheng puffed out his chest proudly, "We're going to get married soon."

Han Zhuoli, "..."

See the way he behaves!

Suppressing her laughter, Lu Man took out her phone and added Nan Jingheng on WeChat.

"We brothers have this group, I'll add you to it," Han Zhuoli said, "We are all close friends who have been playing together since childhood, most of us are already married, so the wives are also in the group."

"I forgot who started it the group, but originally it was only meant for us single people, but ever since the first one found a wife, they started adding their wives to the group," Nan Jingheng explained.

It felt like it was a group of very close friends.

Being added into the group meant that they considered her to be one of them.

Lu Man thought in her heart, they had just started dating and she had been added to the group then would it not be awkward in case they were to break up in the future?

Just as she got engrossed in her thoughts her phone started to vibrate wildly following the sound of notifications.

"There's a new person in the group, I know who it is, but I won't say," Nan Jingheng sent a message and followed it up with a smug face emoji hat was smoking.

Chu Zhaoyang: "Who?"

Wei Zhiqian: "Who who who?"

After that, Qi Chengzhi, Qi Chenglin, Wei Ziqi and the rest began to copy what Wei Zhiqian said.

Lu Man sweated a bit, a bit too embarrassed to reply.

At that moment, she saw Han Zhuoli's message suddenly appear on the group chat. "My girlfriend."

Chu Zhaoyang: "Really?"

Wei Zhiqian: "Is this for real or not, it's impossible, can you find a girlfriend? You can't!"

Yan Beicheng: "Qian Zi 1 is anxious now."

Nan Jingheng: "It's real, it's real, sister-in-law is right next to me. She came here to attend the charity night. Look look, I had asked you all to come, but you all refused, didn't you lose out!"

Wei Zilin: "Can I make it on time if I leave immediately?"

Nan Jingheng: "Not welcome, there are no more seats!"

When Lu Man read the texts, she realized that she could no longer stay silent and needed to say something on the group chat to make them believe that she was for real, otherwise it would be very embarrassing for Han Zhouli.

"Hello everyone." Hence Lu Man typed those three words, and added in a smiley face before sending it.

Wei Zhiqian: "F*ck, is this really Zhuo Zi [2. Han Zhuoli's nickname] girlfriend and not a fake one? Zhuo Zi, speak the truth, how much money did you spend to hire her?"

Seeing their shocked replies, Lu Man wondered what kind of image Han Zhuoli had in their hearts, why was it that he needed to spend money to find a girlfriend?

"In the eyes of your friends, is it really that hard for you to find a girlfriend?" Upon reading the messages, Lu Man felt like she had been tricked by Han Zhouli into being his girlfriend.

"..." Han Zhuoli gritted his teeth and said, "It's just that I prefer being single than going out with any kind of woman. "

"Shouldn't we go back?" Lu Man reminded them, they had been out for quite a long time already.

Originally, Nan Jingheng wanted to ask how Lu Qi and her family had offended Han Zhuoli, but now that he saw Lu Man, he immediately understood and hence did not even ask that question.

Hence, they returned to the venue together.


"It's all because of Lu Man, nothing good happens when she is involved!" In the car, Lu Qiyuan told the whole story.

Xia Qingyang complained, "How could Lu Man be like this? You are her dad, it's alright if she doesn't help you, but now she is harming us. What kind of person harms their family like that, does she even treat us as her family?"

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