Chapter 107: Why Don't You Call Big Brother Han For Me To Hear?

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Han Zhuoli smiled upon hearing what she said just now, this girl really never allowed herself to suffer losses.

After taking a look at the time, he called the Zheng Tianming, who had just sent Dai Yiran away, to his office.

Due to this, Lu Man thought that they were going to start discussing work, and quickly adjusted her frame of mind.

However, who knew Han Zhuoli's next sentence would be, "It's the afternoon already, order food for two people, I'll eat here with Lu Man."

Lu Man was taken aback, and instantly said, "I can come back after lunch, anyway, it'll be the same."

"Ordering food also takes a while, we can discuss first," Han Zhuoli said lightly.

"Then I—" Lu Man opened her mouth to refuse.

Zheng Tianming quickly said, "Lu Man, it is rare for the CEO to remember having lunch on time, so please don't reject his invite. Otherwise, if you leave, once the CEO gets busy with his work, he will not even have lunch."

Lu Man mumbled in her heart, why was it that Han Zhuoli's not having his lunch suddenly became her responsibility.

It was as though she was very important.

Since Zheng Tianming already emphasized that she had to stay, Lu Man could only agree.

Zheng Tianming happily went to order the food, feeling that he could use make amends for previous faults by doing some good services.

"Young—" Lu Man wanted to call him Young Master Han just like before, but thought it was now inappropriate to call him that, "CEO."

"What did you want to call me just now?" Han Zhuoli asked with a smile.

Lu Man felt awkward, "I wanted to call you Young Master Han, I've become used to calling you that."

"I am not used to you calling me CEO," Han Zhuoli smiled and his eyes landed on Lu Man's face, making her face heat up for some strange reason.

"But now that I'm your company's employee now, I must call you that," Lu Man forced herself to meet Han Zhuoli's eyes.

His gaze seemed like it wanted to burn her to ashes, it was scorchingly hot.

"I thought that the two of us, no matter what, can be considered as friends already," Han Zhuoli could not hide his disappointment, "So it was just my own imagination?"

"How could it be," Lu Man's sweat was almost going to drip down, "It's just that I don't dare to be your friend."

Just now, outside the office, Han Zhuoli's fierce look could scare people until their faces were pale.

Thus, now as she listened to him say that she was just unable to accept this sudden change in him.

"Haha," Han Zhuoli laughed softly, "You still have things that you don't dare to do? Why do I feel that you are very courageous?"

Lu Man laughed dryly, "Actually, I don't have a lot of courage."

Han Zhuoli looked at her, with an unknown meaning in his eyes, and said, "Lu Man, didn't you introduce me as your friend to other people? You even said that I'm your friend to your mother and her hospital roommate.."

"..." Lu Man bit the bullet and nodded, "Yes."

"But—" how could this be the same thing?

If she directly told everyone who he was, would it not scare them to death?

She also had no choice alright?

"Moreover, didn't I lend you 100,000 yuan, and now there's still 50 000 left with you, right?" Han Zhuoli asked again.

"Yes," Lu Man nodded.

"Don't talk about strangers, even a normal friend might not lend you that much amount of money right?" Han Zhuoli asked again.

"Yes," Lu Man nodded her head honestly.

"So that means that our relationship is even better than that of normal friends, isn't that right?" Han Zhuoli asked again.

Lu Man: "..."

Right? What was right!

She almost fell right into his trap!

But right after that, Han Zhuoli's words left her completely baffled and almost made her spit out, "Why don't you call Big Brother Han for me to hear?"

Lu Man: "..."

Thankfully she did not drink water!

"If I don't remember wrongly, Miss Dai also called you that," Lu Man was smiling so widely that her eyes were closed into crescent moons, "So is it that anyone can call you that?"

Han Zhuoli looked at her, and suddenly smiled lightly, his originally fierce eyes were suddenly taken over by starlight, and instantly became more gentle, especially intoxicating and beautiful.

Lu Man was taken aback, she got trapped in the gentleness of his eyes, unable to come out.

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