Chapter 126: I've Seen People Coming on Strongly to Me Before.

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When they reached the entrance of the Emergency Department, Lu Man suddenly stopped. "Mr. Han, be careful on your way back."

Han Zhuoli lifted his eyebrows and laughed in his mind. This mean girl!

"You only plan to send me off until here?" Seizing the opportunity when Lu Man could not react in time, Han Zhuoli held onto her hand and grabbed onto it tightly.

Lu Man could not let go no matter how hard she tried.

She laughed dryly. "Of course not. I'm just saying it in advance."

"Haha." It was a lie if Han Zhuoli said he believed her.

Yet looking at her cynical and sarcastic demeanor, Han Zhuoli felt an ache in his chest.

It was his fault for falling for her first.

He knew that this girl was as sneaky as a fox, so he had to open his heart up first.

Lu Man felt a little guilty by his laugh. She felt like running away from him, yet she was afraid of offending this godly being.

Finally, Han Zhuoli said, "Let's go."

Dragged along by his hand, both of them went down the steps together.

They left the entrance of the Emergency Department and walked towards the car park. The lights on the road were a little darker and they could hardly make out the road ahead of them.

"Mr. Han, please let go of my hand. I can walk on my own." She could not run away either.

Han Zhuoli seemed to have not heard her and did not say a single word.

Lu Man tried to wring her hand out and called, "Master Han, Master Han. Mr. Han?"

Han Zhuoli's eyes narrowed. It was getting annoying listening to her calling him "Mr. Han" over and over again.

Han Zhuoli stopped abruptly. Lu Man was taken aback by the motion. Unable to stop in time with his large stride, she hit right into him.

Yet, Han Zhuoli seemed to have planned it and turned around right at that moment. With a pull of his hand, she fell right into his arms.

Before Lu Man could even say anything, his hand held onto her waist. He suddenly lifted her up, turned them around halfway and pressed her against the car door.

Lu Man was so nervous just now that she did not realize that while they were walking, they have unknowingly reached Han Zhuoli's car.

At that moment, she was still concerned about whose car she was pressed against, and how awkward it would be to be caught by them.

Han Zhuoli's abdomen was really starting to hurt in anger because of her.

At this sort of moment, how could she get distracted!

Why was this girl so good at angering him!

It made him itch all over in anger!

However, Han Zhuoli decisively placed both hands on her waist and lifted her up.

Lu Man could barely reach the floor with her toes. She was pressed tightly against him, unable to hide away.

"Put me down!" Lu Man grabbed onto his shoulders, extremely anxious.

Not only did Han Zhuoli not put her down, but he also pressed onto her even harder. Because of her words, he put it even more strength.

"During the day, what did I tell you to call me?" Han Zhuoli asked, his voice low.

Lu Man rolled her eyes. Seeing that, Han Zhouli immediately knew that she was thinking of how to deal with him.

Due to that, Han Zhuoli was furious. How did he even fall for this little fox?

Why can't she just be more obedient!

"During the day you said that it would not be good to say that in the office. But now, we're not at the office." Han Zhuoli held onto her waist and brought her into his embrace. "So what should you call me now?"

Lu Man rolled her eyes. "During the day, you told me that you treated me as a friend so I had to change the way I address you. But now you're chasing me. It's different."

Han Zhuoli was exasperated. "Not only do I want to chase you, but I also want to sleep with you too."

Lu Man: "..."

She was definitely choked up quite a bit by his words!

I've seen people coming on strongly to me before, but I've never come across anyone speaking in such a straightforward way like you!

Together with the warmth from his body, Lu Man blushed furiously, all the heat from her body rushing onto her cheeks.

"Master Han." Bravely, Lu Man laughed dryly. "You sure know how to joke."

"I'll never joke about something like this." Han Zhuoli lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers. His minty breath blew gently onto her nose and lips.

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