Chapter 95: There Are So Many People Looking

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What did he mean by saying she did not have much wisdom?

However, this was the reality, and it was just that there was no other choice, so she had to be the bad person right now.

Lu Man walked over expressionlessly, thus Auntie Chai could not understand what Lu Man wanted to do and wondered whether Lu Man was angry because of what she said just now.

However, she saw Lu Man raise her hand, and that she was holding a paper bag.

"Yesterday, I heard that you would be discharged today, and when I'm unable to take care of my mother, it was all thanks to you and Uncle Wu who helped my mom. I didn't know what to give you, so I made some pastries myself. It's nothing valuable, so please don't despise it."

Seeing Lu Man's fair hand holding the bag, Auntie Chai had no face to take it.

"Lu Man, I... I... I'm sorry." Auntie Chai was so anxious that she was sweating.

However, Lu Man just smiled and directly shoved the bag into Auntie Chai's hands. Then she quickly turned around and left.

After all, if she said anything it would only be more awkward.

Although when she was indeed uncomfortable upon hearing what Auntie Chai said, she did not forget that it was Auntie Chai who had helped her mother during her stay in the hospital.

Thus, she could not say anything rude to Auntie Chai.

Hence, Lu Man decided to leave it just like that.

At that moment, the elevator behind Auntie Chai finally arrived.

"Dad, you follow mom first and wait for me on the first floor, I'll be there soon," Wu Lize told Wu Zhiguo.

This time, no matter what Auntie Chai said, Wu Zhiguo pulled her into the lift, not letting her stop Wu Lize.

Wu Lize quickly chased after Lu Man, but when he turned the corner, he saw that Lu Man had already entered the hospital room.

However, Wu Lize could only stop as he could neither go inside the hospital room nor call Lu Man outside as it would let Xia Qingwei know that something was wrong.

So he could only leave.

"Have you given her the things?" Xia Qingwei asked upon seeing that Lu Man came back empty-handed.

"Yes, I gave it to Auntie Chai already," Lu Man smiled, not revealing her unhappiness at all.

"Who knew that it was so coincidental, Little Wu is your superior. I don't expect him to help you very much, but with someone I know there, I can be more at ease," Xia Qingwei's gaze changed, and her smile became slightly more ambiguous, "What do you think of Little Wu? I find him quite good, he even looks striking and must be very talented to become the manager of a department at such a young age, moreover, it's even in the Han Corporation which is such a big company."

Lu Man felt helpless, "Mom, it can't be that you find him quite good and suitable for me right?"

"Don't care about what I think, what do you think of him?" Xia Qingwei asked, anticipating her response.

Thinking back to what Auntie Chai said just now, Lu Man did not dare to ruin Xia Qingwei's hopes, "Nothing much, in my eyes, he's just my superior. Moreover, I will be working in his department, so concerning this kind of thing, we should draw a clear line between working and personal relationships. We're all in the same office and there are so many people looking, if something spreads, it would be not good and would be inconvenient while working as well."

"That's also true," Xia Qingwei sighed dejectedly, "What a pity."

"Mom, I'm still young, don't be so anxious, let me accompany you for a few more years alright?"

Xia Qingwei thought about it, Lu Man was just 22, normally she would have been a university student and would not have graduated yet, she was indeed still young.

It was just that Lu Man had been working for quite a while now, and was both eager to excel and become independent that it often made people forget that she was actually still a young girl.

"Mhm," Xia Qingwei raised her hand, combing through and stroking Lu Man's long hair, "Alright, then Mom won't be so anxious. The main thing is that I want to find someone to take care of you."

"I can take care of myself, also, isn't there still you to take care of me? If I really find a boyfriend, how can I be sure that he's reliable?" If men were really that reliable, why would Lu Qiyuan have an affair? And why would he be forcing her into a corner now? And why would he not care whether Xia Qingwei lived or died?

If men were really that reliable, why would He Zhengbai, who, in the past, promised to take care of her for their whole lives, get together with Lu Qi, even after so many years of being together with her?

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